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Being the prolife momma that I am, I’m always on the lookout for ways to spread the message.  Save the Storks is a wonderful non-profit organization that is dedicated to saving mothers and babies.  Their mission is to build fleets of mobile ultrasound units that pregnancy centers can park outside of abortion clinics.  3 out of 5 abortion minded women they see choose life!

Take a look inside one of these units.  Isn’t this incredible?


Save the Storks has a store to help fund their efforts.  I wanted to share a few pre-order shirts that are simply adorable, and spread the message for LIFE!



I plan on purchasing the above shirt as well as the bumper sticker below.


You can visit their store at

Visit their website at

You can donate to this organization at

On another note, do you have an amazing birth, pregnancy, or adoption story to share?  A story where the hand of God was mightily on you and your baby?  I am looking to begin featuring these types of stories on my blog on a regular basis!  If you have a story, please email me at



3 thoughts on “Save the Storks Gear

  1. A Sister says:

    Wow! This is awesome! The psychology behind is great too- making it comfortable for a crisis struck woman, who is probably in a great deal of pain. Just one thought on this complicated issue; when abortion is banned, women often seek out ally abortions, meaning dangerous abortions (even more dangerous than regular) that untrained people do with unhygienic tools and locations. Unfortunately, many women aren’t convinced to go INSIDE these centers, and may die, along with their child at those ally abortions. In an ideal world, abortion would be banned, and all women would carry their children up to term. But, since it isn’t ideal, abortion should be safe, legal, and most importantly, rare. To prevent unnecessary abortions, we should show the sonograms before they make that (horrendous) choice, and have certain restrictions placed on the conditions, i.e, no abortions after x number of months, unless dire emergency, etc. I believe that LIFE BEGINS AT CONCEPTION. I believe that ABORTION IS MURDER. But unfortunately, more women and children will end up dying in these ally abortions, unless abortion is SAFE, LEGAL, AND RARE. These stork centers should be everywhere, so hopefully, the women will be lead to the right choice, that being to carry the pregnancy to term.

    Just a thought!


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