Our Modesty Transformation – Part 3

In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety…

1 Timothy 2:9

After my husband and I were married, our girls began to dance competitively.  I really had no clue what we were getting into at that point, I had danced competitively as a child and really enjoyed it.  The costumes were so immodest, and while they somewhat bothered me, they really bothered my husband.  Over time, we both became convicted over allowing our daughters to dress in such a way, even if it was on stage.  When our middle daughter was seven, we pulled them out of their secular dance school once and for all.

We still dressed immodestly for the most part unfortunately.  The Lord was slowly working on my heart however.  It is truly amazing how the Lord works.  My conscience began working in overdrive while shopping for clothing, and I didn’t even really understand why!  I began to purchase one piece or tankini bathing suits for my daughters and myself instead of bikinis.  I bought long shorts instead of short shorts.   I made sure that our necklines were not low cut for the first time ever.  This wasn’t something that the church taught, but I just knew in my heart that dressing modestly was pleasing to my God.  When we dressed immodestly, we were bringing attention to ourselves instead of to our Lord.

I desperately wanted to raise my children in God’s truth.  My greatest prayer was that my children not fall away from the faith.  I began to look at families who seemed to get it right.  Families who had adult children who were still serving the Lord.  Most of this searching was accomplished via the internet and through books.  During this time frame, I read A Love That Multiplies by Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar.

The Duggar’s were one of the families that seemed to get it right.  At the back of the book, there was a resource section which included modest dress stores.  Cato was listed as a place to purchase denim skirts.  I had thought about wearing skirts for some time, and decided to give it a shot.  There was a Cato next to a Hobby Lobby that I shopped at all of the time.  The next time I went to Hobby Lobby, I shopped at Cato as well and purchased a knee length denim skirt.

I remember the first time that I wore it.  I was actually nervous, which is laughable to me now!  It was just something that people around me didn’t wear, and I was still worried about what other people thought.  I actually loved wearing that skirt, and quickly went back to purchase more!  I felt the same trepidation the first time I wore an ankle length denim skirt.  Surprisingly,  I liked these even more!  I do love patterned skirts made of different fabrics, but for me denim is a must while homeschooling small children because it is so durable.  I can easily get up and down from the floor without worrying about a rip or tear.   My daughters saw me wearing these and asked to begin wearing skirts as well.  And the rest is history.

Why skirts?  Aren’t pants just as modest?  I will be answering that question next in the 4th installment of this series.

Be blessed!


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15 thoughts on “Our Modesty Transformation – Part 3

  1. momstheword says:

    I don’t have girls but I’ve had friends who struggled trying to find modest clothes when their daughters were growing up. They wanted them dressed like little girls, not teenagers! Thanks so much for linking up to the “Making Your Home Sing Monday” linky party!

  2. Meghan Carver says:

    Love the Duggar book! I wear denim most of the time too for those same reasons. It’s so durable and comfortable. Thanks for sharing your heart here. I’m sharing my story as well, and I know it takes courage to put yourself out there. 🙂

  3. Sarah says:

    Love Love Love!

    I would love to see other moms splashed as well. We could use your ideas. Your tips. Your stories. Your photos. Your anything mom.

    I compose some notes on Monday. I get the momma schedules. So hop over any day of the week (think link up whenever it works best for you) and join us. Real moms. Sharing our notes. Creating a momma melody.

    Splashin’ Momma,


  4. Kendra @ AProverbs 31 Wife says:

    I have loved reading your little series here.
    On the dancing… Oh how I wish dance didn’t have to be so immodest. I figure skate (for fun) and I do it in a full knee length skirt. I have often wondered how we will do when we have little girls….

  5. Danielle says:

    Loving this little series! I foubd you through titus2sday. I just wrote a piece on why I make most of my girls’ clothes. The clothing racks are just so astonishing!

    We are on our way to dressing more modestly and I just put on my first skirt today. My girls have been wearing them for a while, but I just couldn’t get into them. So far, I’m loving it way more than my jeans and capris!

    Thanks for sharing your journey.

  6. Bibi says:

    Love your series and am looking forward to reading part 4. Dancers outfits are very immodest, which is very unfortunate, because dancing is such healthy activity… thanks for sharing your story 🙂

    • Nicole says:

      I actually put leotards on my girls several times a week for dance class. 🙂 They now dance at a Christian non-competitive school. I’ve not had any problem with it as long as they wear a cover up or clothing over the leotard to and from class. I’ve discovered however, that God is still sanctifying me in this. For example, I now only purchase wide strap or sleeved leos for the girls now, while last year I bought cami leos without blinking an eye. Who knows where He will take us in the future! Thank you so much for sharing Cindy! I think that your blog is awesome!

  7. Ruby says:

    Modesty is really a hot one in our family because it is really a command and not a conviction. I am looking at the image above in Meant to be Modest, it is really hypocritical because altho the lady has a long white dress but her top is sleeveless and exposing her flrsh in the shoulders and the arms — it doesnt look modest and there is no element of shamefacedness as in 2 Tim 2:9-10, even if i could not see the lady’s face, i cud sense that she has a proud face and not shamefaced. Here is the text of the image: Meant to be Modest: A Call for Women to Return to Modesty

    • Nicole says:

      Hello Ruby, thank you so much for stopping by! With all due respect, I’m not aware of a Biblical command to keep our arms, or even shoulders, covered. Also, since we cannot see the woman’s face, I don’t see how anyone could guess it to be proud. I hope that you have a blessed day!

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