Plans for Our 2014-2015 Homeschool Year are Underway!


While at the end of each school year we find ourselves ready for a break, we are excited about new curriculum choices and the new year to come as well!  I began ordering new materials about a month ago, and finally all of our supplies are in and we are ready to go.  Seasons of life change.  Some years are very busy and we resort to mainly textbooks and workbooks.  (Which are a fine option!)  Other years I decide to take the plunge and order curriculum that might be more time intensive on my part, but my children are more engaged with hands-on activities.  (Which is what they prefer.)  This year I took the plunge (eek!) and ordered these types of materials for the most part.  The kiddos can’t wait to dive in!  I’m a little concerned since we have a new little one due to arrive in September, but since I decided to stop working from home so much of my time has been freed up.  So we are giving it a go!

I receive emails from time to time asking about what curriculum we use.  So I thought I would share!  Hopefully sometime in the near future I will give an overview of what we used this year.

Curriculum Overview for our 9th grader  (I must say that having a high schooler this year makes me want to hyperventilate.  Where does the time go???)


Curriculum Overview for our 8th, 6th, and 3rd graders

Curriculum Specific to Our 8th grader

Curriculum Specific to Our 6th grader


Curriculum Specific to Our 3rd grader

Curriculum Specific to Our 4-year-old (I do not usually advocate for any type of formal curriculum at this age, but this program seemed to be so much fun.  We started already and he loves it!)


I have tried to link to most of the products we are using.  I purchased the Spectrum Language Arts workbooks off of Amazon for $6-8 a piece.  Along with the literature and writing focus weaved within the My Father’s World curriculum these should work well.  (I’ve used them in the past.)

Has anyone else gone ahead and purchased their curriculum?  I would like to begin in July to get a head start before baby comes!

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13 thoughts on “Plans for Our 2014-2015 Homeschool Year are Underway!

  1. Amy says:

    Oh, goodie! I’m not the only one this organized! I have a 1st grader next year and I’ve purchased everything except three pieces from Memoria Press (hoping for a sale or free shipping!). I found everything on ebay, on sale at our local homeschool store or through PBSwap. One of the pieces I don’t have yet are the lesson plans – which I’m dying to see so I can brainstorm and add in projects. Still holding out for a sale, though. Does Memoria Press ever have sales, I wonder?

    • Tara Eveland Photography says:

      Hi there, I have a 1st grader this year also, do you mind sharing what you are using also is it biblically based? We skipped last year home schooling in an attempt to ‘try’ the public school but we were not impressed and felt it held her back as she already is reading and doing math at a 3rd grade level we were told by her teacher. SO, I really have no idea where to even start to look for stuff 🙁

  2. Sarah D. says:

    We recently ordered Kindergarten curriculum from Christian Liberty for our soon to be 6yo son who will start “formal” school in the fall. My parents used Christian Liberty Academy (CLASS) to homeschool my siblings and me, so I feel comfortable starting our homeschool journey with them. =) I’d looked into so many other options and was feeling completely overwhelmed! Then, the thought occurred to me to use CLASS. No more overwhelmed feeling! =) My son loves workbooks, so this should be a good fit for him. And, we’ll have a new little one in June so it will be nice to have “school” pretty much already set up. =)

  3. Suanna says:

    I have my list and started shopping for used materials in February. Now I’m trying to finish up buying the new materials that we still need. We usually start in July, too. I like the freedom it gives us during the rest of the year for breaks when they are needed.

  4. Chris Antonion says:

    I have almost finished buying our curriculum as well! I plan on starting June or July, not sure yet. We have our daughter’s wedding in June and in August our new baby will be here. Exciting times ahead but school starting is also exciting.

  5. Keri @ Growing in His Glory says:

    I have our curriculum and most of our supplies, and this weekend, I cleaned out and organized our supply room. I am very eager to start but have decided that since our children are struggling with some character issues we need to work on those intensively this month as well as spend time outside. The weather is perfect now but in a month or two it will be scorching! Plus, we have a little one due in August, so I’m eager to get our feet wet before she comes 🙂

  6. Tara Eveland Photography says:

    I have not started buying anything yet, but I too am going to start in June or July so we can take longer breaks when we need, have ‘sick time’ or ‘vacation time’. It will be my first ‘OFFICIAL’ year of homeschooling as when I did it with my daughter before she was age 3-5 then this last year we decided to try kindergarten for the year, public school…we feel as if the time was almost wasted and she could have learned so much more. she is ‘gifted’ and blessed to be doing reading and math at a 3rd grade level, so Im a bit confused where to even start looking for stuff for her. but i have a few month to plan.
    I also will be starting my soon to be 3 year old with some preschool. we will not be sending him to preschool at public, so we will be starting him at home but he is 100% different than my daughter in learning he does not like to sit down and learn, rather hands on stuff lol

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