Are You Ready to Suit Up? A Swimsuit Series.


This is Part 1 of the series.  To view Part 2, click here.

It is May, and summer is almost upon us!  In summer, swimming pools and beach getaways are par for the course.  Which means we need to begin purchasing, gulp…swimwear.  Is this something that Christian ladies and girls need to even really consider?  Should we just run to the store and purchase the cutest suit regardless of it’s fabric coverage?

Over the next few weeks I hope to examine these questions and share some resources about this topic with you.  My goal isn’t to tell you what is “right and wrong,” because honestly, when it comes to modesty sometimes the area is grey.  Hopefully you will decide to discern for yourself the proper swim attire while using the Word of God as your guide.  Some questions and topics that will be covered over the next few weeks include:

  • The History of Swimwear.  Where were we then, and where are we now?
  • Are We Letting Our Culture or the Word of God Dictate Our Convictions?
  • Practical Ways to Remain Modest While Swimming and Links to Resources to Buying Modest Suits.


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This man was measuring bathing suits in 1922.  If the suits were too short, the women would be fined. 

We’ve come a long way, haven’t we?

I pray that the Lord will be glorified through this series.  Modesty is very important to Him.  It is something that we must consider as Christian women.  I’ve gone through a radical modesty transformation over the past three years, the heart change that the Lord has given me has truly been incredible.  Sometimes going against the grain of society is tough!  I praise God that His grace is always sufficient.

Please join me back here next week!

How about you?  Do you search for modest swimwear, or do you believe that coverage doesn’t really matter?

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12 thoughts on “Are You Ready to Suit Up? A Swimsuit Series.

  1. Looking forward to this series!!! I’ve always hated swimsuits, and now I know why – they’re horribly immodest! Why should I feel pressured to practically undress before the world in order to go swimming?? It shouldn’t have to be like that – and it doesn’t have to be. I’m looking forward to learning more about modest swimwear. 🙂


  2. This subject needs to be addressed in our immodest society, so I’m looking forward to this series. God has really transformed me on this matter, and it has really been a blessing. I wouldn’t go out in public in my underwear, so how are bikini’s any different? They aren’t!!!


  3. I think there’s a balance. Women used to swim in garments that were so full of fabric they were drowning hazards. Modesty IS – to a degree – relative. (If you find yourself inclined to argue against that, ask yourself if you dress the same to give birth as you do to go to the grocery store. I’m not suggesting the situations are the same, but it is simply fact that we adapt our expectations of what defines “modest” based on circumstances.)

    So am I wearing a skimpy bikini to the beach? Absolutely not. But I’m not necessarily looking for full, knee-length skirts on my suit, either.


    1. lol this made me giggle because I gave natural birth, no meds at all to my almost 9lb baby boy 2 years ago and mid way through I was so much in pain I took off my robe and did it in the nude lol. I had only my midwife, husband, and a nurse in there, in the end a male doctor came in and assisted delivery but i was in so much pain and just delusional with it that it never even crossed my mind to cover my body. i think ALL modesty goes out the window during natural childbirth.


  4. I grew up in the tropics, and when you have fair skin, sunburn is a big concern when the sun is so powerful! For health reasons alone, plus some concern for modesty, I wear a long-sleeved swimming top and swimming shorts, and I’m comfortable with that. I know there are much more modest swimsuits (I grew up also seeing Muslim swimsuits which cover the hair and feet as well)–but I prefer not to be stared at, and the Muslim ladies in their full-body swimsuits definitely attracted lots of stares and attention.


  5. Oh yes! Before I was a mother I would wear tiny little bikinis, because growing up penecostal I wasnt even allowed to swim! So anyways id get my tan on and expose as much skin as possible. then after my daughter I toned it down but still wouldnt say it was ‘modest’. Now however I think I am comfortable with my suit. It is a one piece, overs everything nicely, and has a wrap around skirt thing to go with it. also i have my daughter wear a one piece with like bike shorts over it 🙂


  6. Ok, first of all the guy in the picture is cracking me up because of what he wore to the beach. I am picturing sand in his nice
    After almost 2 years of upping our standards of modesty in our home I am finding myself looking for bikini bottoms at the thrift stores. Only to wear under my long swim shorts. After last summer I am wanting more “tucked in/covered feeling” in regards to undergarments with my shorts. I am hoping swim bottoms will work.


  7. Swimwear isn’t relevant to me, but modesty certainly is. It makes me smile to see you young mothers care about modesty in a world that is everything but. I also smiled seeing Kristina on your sidebar. I’ll be seeing her tonight. She’s found her modesty standard and sticks to it.


  8. I stick to almost the same standards as my regular clothes. My swim skirt comes to just above the knee (there are both shorts and a panty underneath); my regular skirts I always wear covering the knees. I ended up making my own swimsuit, since I was having a hard time finding something that was both cute and modest. Although I’d been wearing a relatively modest tankini, this was still a bit of a jump for me, since it’s not exactly standard beach wear. But I’ve been wearing it for a few years now, and I LOVE it! It’s so freeing to be able to swim around other people without having to worry about what’s showing. I’ve even gotten a suprising number of compliments on my swimsuit!


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