Strive for Five When Homemaking is Difficult

In general, “homemaking” is not my strong suit.  I really enjoy the decorating, and the “making your home beautiful for your family” aspect of homemaking, but the rest of it, not so much.   I’m one of those ’80’s kids who didn’t have many housework or cooking responsibilities.  Over a period of time and with much trial and error, I usually have a good handle on our laundry.  Other than that, I struggle.  My older children have homemaking responsibilities as well, and when we work as a team usually most chores are accomplished.

But what happens when you are walking through a season of life when doing anything other that basic mothering and homeschooling tasks is just too hard?  I have been there.  A few months ago you could most likely find me on the couch or in my bed as I went through a difficult time early in pregnancy.  During this time frame homemaking was the last thing on my mind, and pretty much all that I could concentrate on other than my husband and children was growing a baby.  Consequently, the house was a mess since I wasn’t overseeing anyone’s chores, and I knew that I needed to come up with a better plan.

I know that God is a God of order.  I know that when my home is ordered well, my children are more peaceful.  I also know that in Proverbs 31: 17, the excellent wife is said to, “set about her work vigorously;  her arms are strong for her tasks.”

My desire is that “my arms would be strong for my tasks!”  Does it always work out this way?  No, unfortunately not.  But that is my goal!

Sometimes all that we can physically do is tend to our babies and that is okay.  But barring a serious ongoing illness, this should only last for a season.

So here I was, wondering what I might do differently to keep my home in better order.  I came up with a ridiculously simple very small baby step to help me get started.  Every day I try my best to think of around five homemaking tasks that I can accomplish today.  If I can accomplish more than that, wonderful.  If I accomplish less than that, I try to not beat myself up if I honestly did the best that I could do.

This here is an example of my “5” tasks for yesterday:

Wash, dry, and fold one load of clothes.

Clean the windows in the living room, kitchen and dining room.

Pick up bathing suits and towels from the bathroom floor.

Make a cake (from cake mix) for the family.

Clean the kitchen sink.

And that’s it.  My bed went unmade, I have piles of schoolwork that need to be arranged into a final portfolio, and my oldest daughter made dinner.  But it is a start!

Right now I’m 24 weeks pregnant and about one month ago I began to feel much better…it really took that long for me this time around.  This is a pregnancy with no complications thus far.  Mommas who experience pregnancy complications can be out of commission for the duration of the pregnancy.

We are taking one month off from school, and I hope that I will be able to get some major tasks accomplished…such as rearranging my closet to make room for our new baby’s things and painting a few rooms.  Will this actually come to fruition?  I’m not sure, but I truly hope so!

My end goal is to create an orderly environment for my family to enjoy without sacrificing time with my husband and children.  That is my goal, but not always my reality.

Do you have any homemaking tips that you would like to share?

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5 thoughts on “Strive for Five When Homemaking is Difficult

  1. The Farmer's Wife says:

    Growing a human being is no easy task, and no one can do it for you, so you’ve got to give it your all. I was on bedrest for the last half of most my pregnancies. My house was a mess and we bought paper plates from Costco like no-one’s business. But my babies made it into this world.
    Your list looks like a big list even for my most productive days.
    Have missed you Dear Sister. Praying for you. Do the best that you can. Stay in the Word, and everything that’s important will get done. I’ll see you when I see you again.

  2. Brittany at says:

    Yeah, at 24 weeks pregnant–you have to do just do what you can and let the little things slide! (and when baby is little too). My house was a MESS the entire first year of baby’s life. Now that his older brother is in school, it’s getting a little better, but there’s still room for improvement. We aren’t aiming for perfection. We are aiming for a nice home for my family, and that doesn’t include a stressed out, overworked mom!

  3. Julie @ Logger's Wife says:

    Love the idea! I like to have a “these things must be done each day” list (dishes/dishwasher stuff, etc.) then a “one day a week stuff” list (laundry, bathroom, floors, etc.). I’m not pregnant at the moment but with an active toddler, blog, and Etsy shop in it’s busy season, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and not get anything done. Breaking it down into two types of lists helps me at least get some of it done.

    (Visiting from the Good Tips Tuesday link-up)

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