Bringing Home Baby to a Large Family

Currently, I am expecting baby #7!  Lord willing, when we bring this new little girl home in September, she will be welcomed into a large (and loud) family.  I have discovered that there are certain challenges that are specific to bringing a new baby into a home with a large number of children!

First off, noise level must be considered.  Honestly, I was so worried about this when bringing home my last two little ones, but at the beginning I had little to worry about.  My newborns have been sound sleepers!  However, as they begin to grow, other siblings should be told to be considerate and mindful when the baby is sleeping.  Of course, grace must be shown in this area!  I also like to use a wrap to keep baby close while they are napping, which seems to help the baby to disregard noises because generally they are more content.

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