Finding Beauty in the Mundane

Does your life as a wife and mother ever feel, well…boring?

Ladies, sometimes as a mom my life feels incredibly mundane.  For instance, at the moment we are battling a cold virus in our home.  On top of that, we are keeping up with homeschooling as laundry and messes seem to be piling up in every corner.  The days seem to run together sometimes, and my life feels, well…mundane.

I’ve heard stories of wives and mothers deciding to abandon ship in this season of life.  Their lives are not as they wish them to be, so they just leave.  This has happened in my community countless times, and when I hear of these occurrences my heart breaks for all.  For the children, husbands, and mothers and wives involved.  While I’ve found wonderful contentment (and joy!) through Christ as a wife and mother, in the past I’ve also spent time sneaking chocolate in my bathroom upset about how mundane I believed that my life had become.  The only difference between myself and the woman who gave up hope is Christ.  Without Christ, I would be nothing!

What should we do when life feels this way?  Should we attempt to radically change our lives, or find contentment in things that remove us from our home and families?

Well, if you have spent time reading my blog at all, I bet you can guess what my solution is.  It is Jesus!…and yes, He is the answer to everything!  Once we’ve put our hope in Jesus and truly live for Him, we can bet that our mundane lives are actually not mundane in the eyes of the Lord.  All of the small tasks of being a help meet to our husbands and mothering our children add up to pure beautifulness.    These tasks are a sweet offering that we can offer to God.  He is the one who gave us our beautiful families!  Instead of choosing to think of our lives as mundane, let’s think of them as full of service to our King.

“You are as much serving God in looking after your own children, and training them
up in God’s fear, and minding the house, and making your household a church for
God, as you would be if you had been called to lead an army to battle for the Lord of

-Charles Spurgeon

12 thoughts on “Finding Beauty in the Mundane

  1. Sara C. says:

    I love Spurgeon! I need to write that quote out and post it only the wall as a reminder! I’ve got 6 kids under 10 and sometimes I feel like I should be out in the community more, meeting unbelievers and sharing Jesus with them. My energy is focused at home now, as I know it should be. But as you said, it can feel less exciting or less valuable sometimes to be at home.

  2. tmpresser says:

    Fantastic post and a great reminder for all mothers that even in the mundane we are doing the Lords work and that when it gets too much for us we should turn to Jesus. Thanks for sharing this at Good Morning Mondays. Blessings

  3. Michelle says:

    No matter what season of life your in, there is always beauty in the mundane. Even in the piled up laundry there is a blessing . . . . you have clean clothes washed in modern washers and dryers and not down by a well! At least that is how I look at the mundane tasks each day.

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