Why My Family Chooses to Homeschool

I believe that homeschooling is the best choice for my family.  I would love to share how my family came to this conclusion with you!

When I had my first daughter at the age of 19, homeschooling was not on my radar.  I actually was going to college to become a teacher at the time.  I thought that if I was a teacher, I could be in the same daughter when she went to school.  This would be the best of both worlds, right?  I could have a career and be close to my daughter.  The problem was, every time I left my daughter to attend class, it was absolutely heart wrenching!  I believed that this was what was “best” for us however, so I continued on.  I received an Associates Degree with a concentration in Early Childhood Education from my local college.

Today I’m over at Year Round Homeschooling!  Please follow the link to read the rest of our story.

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