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Planning a Cinderella Pumpkin Birthday Party


After my seventh child was born last September, we had not one, but two, September babies.  Our sixth and seventh children were born only five days apart on the calendar (September 15th and 20th respectively.)  We usually have small-ish celebrations at home, but we do a bit more in terms of decorations for 1st birthdays.  We celebrated our three-year-old separately, and then included her in the bigger party for our newly-turned one-year-old as well.

I know that there are many of you who would put this type of a party together much better than I, but I would love to share how I put this together.  Our little girls had a great time!



For the centerpiece table, I purchased simple plastic tablecloths.  I used satin and sparkle fabric from Hobby Lobby and Walmart respectively to dress up a diaper box.  On top of the box I placed a Cinderella figure holding a present (from Walmart) and I dressed up the table with sparkly pumpkins from Walmart and sparkly blue butterflies and flower rosettes from Hobby Lobby.  I picked up a couple of thin vases and stuck a hydrangea stem with a sparkly “1” and “3”.  I also grabbed a couple of framed photos of the girls and placed them along the back of the table.


As far as the cake went, I bought a simple sheet cake from Walmart.  While I adore tiered cakes, we wanted to keep the party as economical as possible.


We arranged separate gift tables for each girl, and I strung a fun poms from Party City across our mantle.  Bundles of blue and gold balloons were placed around the living room.


Our girls had a great time.


I decorated our baby girl’s highchair for her smash cake.  The bunting was purchased at Party City and the cake was from Walmart.


Photo by Enchanted Photography.

I couldn’t let the month go by without scheduling a one-year-old photo shoot.  I made her dress, and it will soon be available in my etsy shop.  Right now the fabric is out of stock at my supplier.

Thank you so much for stopping by!  It is always so much fun to celebrate our babies.  How do you celebrate your child’s birthday?

Possibly linking to these awesome link parties.

10 thoughts on “Planning a Cinderella Pumpkin Birthday Party

    1. Congratulations, and I totally understand where you are coming from.😉Usually one week out from giving birth I couldn’t imagine having any more either lol. Thank you so much for stopping by!


  1. Wow! Everything turned out so well! My first baby will be turning one soon, and I found the idea of planning a birthday party to be exciting, but also a little overwhelming. I’ll tell you how I feel for sure once it’s over, haha! We decided to go with a teddy bear theme, but I’m sure there will be a princess themed birthday party at some point in my daughter’s future. I was a Disney child, lol.


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