The Importance of Showing Gratitude for Our Children

As I type, I’m being jostled down the road while my husband drives my family towards a short beach reprieve.

I look at him and smile before glancing over my shoulder.  Promise is in the air, and everyone is looking forward to escaping to a warmer climate on this cool, fall day.  Our seven children are happily chattering away, excited about what the next few days will bring.

Each one adds a different dynamic to the conversation.  Some are more animated than others.  Our three-year-old spontaneously bursts in to song, stealing the spotlight momentarily as our teens giggle at her antics.

And I am thankful.

I’m ashamed to say that so often I take my children for granted.  I assume that their bright smiles and charming laughter are a given, and I go through my day without truly giving thanks for each one.

I wonder what God must think when I act this way.  The awe-inspiring, love-filled God of the universe entrusted me with my children, and like a spoiled child, I sometimes turn my nose up and…

complain about these precious gifts from above.

Oh, how He must feel.  Imagine a spoiled child at a birthday party, who just opened the most expensive present on the table.  Instead of gratefulness, she scrunches her nose in disgust, and complains in a loud, whiny voice.

I might not voice my complaints, but like the spoiled birthday girl, sometimes I internally bring my protests to God instead of cherishing each moment that The Lord has given me with my children.  To truly give thanks in all circumstances.

Today, I am thankful that our gracious Lord has given me another chance to recognize the immense gift that He has entrusted me with.  To truly show gratitude to Him in all that I do.  Because that dear mothers, is what life is all about.

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