Learning to Accept Change as a Mother

In our backyard, a large crepe myrtle exploded into a thousand tiny fuchsia blooms during the summer.  Over the course of the last few months, the blossoms, one by one, fell to the ground, and clumps of barren limps stand in their place.

While I know that God has ordained the seasons, I mourn the loss of those tiny blooms.  Whenever I stepped out my back door to usher our large brood to their dance or guitar lessons, they greeted me, and brought a smile to my face.

Now that has changed, and the crisp, fall air has caused blossoms and leaves alike to fall to the ground.

As a mother, I’ve learned that change is inevitable, and that God usually is at work when we go through change in our life.

About five years ago, my mothering techniques changed dramatically.  My oldest daughter was ten, and I realized that some of the choices I was making as a mom wasn’t leading her towards The Lord.  I took a long and hard look at the influences that I allowed into our home and the activities that we were involved in and made some changes.

Like slowly pulling off a Band-Aid, this change was tough.  My children balked when I said, “no more Disney channel.”  We replaced a few questionable books with only God-honoring ones.  I decided to dress in a more modest fashion.

Friends and family thought that I had lost my mind!  My mother’s side of the family laughed and said, “she better watch out, one day that bubble of hers will pop.”  My own family hoped that my children would fail, and that I would fail as a mother.

Yes, change is tough.

At the moment, I forgot that God was at work, and that if the changes I was making would bring me closer to Him, then I would take it!  As difficult as it is to believe, The Lord uses us to minister to our children.  It is so hard for me to comprehend that God would use me in such a way.

But, I better believe it.  Because mommas, that’s what we are.  Ministers.  The God who radically changed us into a new creation in Christ wants to change our mothering techniques for His glory as well.  If we follow the teachings that God lays out for us in His Word, then we will never go wrong.

When we are open to change and accept changes to follow The Lord more fully, our children will reap great benefits.  Like falling leaves, may we be open to change as God uses us to minister to our children.

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  1. elizabeth959803 says:

    Hello…stopping by from The Art of Home-Making Mondays! I clicked right on over because I am in a time of change as a mom right now that is more difficult than anything else I’ve ever been through in motherhood…with no “end date” in site. Thank you for this sweet encouragement today!

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