Standing for Truth & Accepting Sisters in Christ

It has been quite a week.

Not in the obvious, mind-blowing kind of way.  But none the less, I’ve allowed myself to become bothered about several small situations within my online world.

If you have ever taken a stand for Christ through social media, you probably know what I’m talking about.  I’ve noticed the loss of several life-long friends, along with a few Christian bloggers whom I thought were on the same team as I.

And it hurts.

I’ve come to learn that everyone within the body of Christ has a different function.  The Lord does not intend for us all to be the same, which I believe is a very good thing!  I’m somewhat of a visionary, and I also believe that my spiritual gift is prophesy.

Now I’m not saying that I am a “prophet” in the Biblical Old Testament sense.  Not in the least!  Dr. Charles Stanley shared the information below in his message, Ministering through Spiritual Gifts:

Those who have the gift of prophesy might…

 They may come across as being fearless or blunt, when in fact they are actually fearful only that God will be displeased with them for any hesitancy in confront a lie. 

 They usually do their utmost to evoke change.  They use whatever means are available to them to argue for the truth. 

 The genuine prophet bases his understanding of truth on the Word of God.

Prophets often come across as reactionary and impulsive because they see right and wrong clearly and have no tolerance for lies.  They are quick to confront lies and errors. 

Prophets see problems in black-and-white terms, and they often “cut to the chase” in the solutions that they offer.  They want “bottomline” facts and are quick to take immediate action.

Prophets have a deep and abiding commitment to the truth and to the Lord.  This devotion is to the death.  Prophets may seem fearless in their commitment.

Y’all, most of this fits me to a T!  I may seem to be impulsive, but it’s because I long for the Lord to be glorified, and for Him to be pleased.   Many times I touch on controversial issues, not because I want to, but because I’m compelled to.  I wish I didn’t see the danger of Christmas trappings so clearly, or the problem with selling books which promote evolution.  I wish I didn’t see a problem with women reading steamy novels, or allowing their children to be taught truths contrary to God’s Word in the public school system.  But I do, and I have a really hard time remaining silent about the important issues of our time.

What really matters in life is that we follow hard after Jesus!  I totally get that.  But we can’t dip our toes in the world and expect to reap all of the benefits of the Christian life.  I know that I’m not perfect.  In fact, my Christianity is a testament to just how weak I am.  I am nothing.  Christ is my all.  I make mistakes daily, and I am constantly tweaking my life to better conform to the holiness that God has called me to.

At the end of the day, I am thankful that when I stand before the Father on Judgment Day, that Jesus will be there to clear my name.  Because my “goodness” is as filthy rags.  My good works will never be good enough.

But…as we place one foot in front of the other, let’s strive to walk as Jesus walked.  To not look for loopholes to justify our “freedom,”  but to realize that in our freedom we are called to die and pick up our cross daily.

If I share posts about the errors of certain teachings, or companies, or anything of the like, I do so in love, because I care about you!  It is not about me “being right”…because again, I am nothing.  But I pray that God will be glorified in all things, and that we will all commit to follow Him, together.  Over the past few weeks, I’ve been accused of manipulating scripture, “sugar-coating” the gospel (this was a first for me, ha!), being hypocritical, and several of my Facebook friends have disappeared.  (On a side note, using the “unfollow” button instead of the “unfriend” button is always kinder.)  I am thankful for the sweet souls who stick around, regardless of disagreements we might have about doctrine or other pressing issues.  There are several online “friends,” who I’ve never met in real life, and yet reading their online posts and such has been such a tremendous blessing to me!  I’m thankful that the Lord didn’t cut us all out of the same mold, and that He has a different purpose in mind for all of us.

I’m thankful for you.  Thank you for sticking around, even if we don’t always agree.  Iron sharpens iron, and I’m so incredibly blessed to have y’all in my online “life.”


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4 thoughts on “Standing for Truth & Accepting Sisters in Christ

  1. Diana says:

    Ah, that’s one of the reasons I finally left FB. The arguments and debates really left me drained, and I saw so much of what you mentioned – the severing of friendships, the bitter words, all the negativity. I’m so sorry you got blasted for taking a stand. You do a great job of gently witnessing to biblical truth, and I am very so thankful for your blog. Keep up the good work!!


  2. Yvette says:

    Hi Nicole,
    I’ve never written a comment before here. I don’t have a blog or on FB. I’m a fairly new reader. In fact, I’m kicking myself for not writing a comment earlier when I read your posts on the X-mas issue. What a blessing you are, Nicole! This is the first December that my family has refrained from the holiday. We also received a bit of flack from some, but were trying to stay focused on being obedient to the truth we were shown.
    Thank you for the strong stand you have taken in these different areas. We are called as a “peculiar people.” It’s usually never on the popular side.
    Thank you again & God bless you!

    1 Peter 2:9
    “But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar people, that ye should show forth the praises of Him who hath called you out of darkness into His marvelous light.”

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