Life is Valuable

Almost one year ago, I got word that an abortion clinic was planning to open a little over an hour from my home.  This was hard to hear, since it was in a location very close to where I grew up.  Up until this point, the nearest abortion facility was much closer to Atlanta.  I joined my community in prayer that this clinic would soon close it’s doors.

Friends, life is so precious.  It doesn’t matter if a child was conceived in rape or incest, that life is still precious.  Why should a child ever suffer for the sins of their father?  Can the sin of rape be covered in the sin of murder?  I think not.

But not only are the lives of the unborn babies are precious.  The mother’s lives are precious, and even the abortion worker’s lives are precious.  Which is why I would like to ask for prayer today.  The tension between protestors and the abortion clinic has been growing more and more by the day, and I truly believe that the Christians who are heading up the efforts to close the clinic are not showing true, Christ-like love.   They are very ugly in their name calling, and they even try to drag neighboring business’ names into the ground on social media if they are not outwardly hostile towards the clinic.  I fear that they have forgotten that God has saved them from the very same sin that this clinic is embroiled in.  To be fair, this is a strange situation, because the clinic owners claim to be ministers of a “church” themselves.  All the same, the truth must be spoken in love, and name calling will not help matters.

Above all else, I pray for this clinic to leave the area, and for babies to be saved from death.  But in doing so, could you please join me in prayer that the protestors will remain kind while pleading for the lives of the unborn?  Honestly, I’m not even sure if they are concerned about anything but the closing of the clinic.  I don’t know if they even speak to the young mothers who arrive about choosing life in a loving way.  If the tone of their social media is any indication, then they don’t.  I wouldn’t feel safe bringing my children there to stand outside of the clinic given the attitude of the current protest leaders.  Every life in the situation matters so much, and I hope that the Lord will lift the blinders off of the eyes of those who are running the clinic and all of the clinic staff.  This is taking place in Cobb County, Georgia.  Thank you so much, friends!

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    • Nicole says:

      Thank you, Diana! Just one week after I posted this article, the abortion clinic has been forced to move out of the facility, since the building owners (a pediatric practice) sued them for being dishonest on their application. Praise God!

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