The Importance of Investing in Our Daughter’s Education

Out of our seven children, God has blessed us with five daughters.  And our sixth daughter is due to arrive in August, Lord willing.

As a homeschool mom, I’m interested in investing in all of my children.  But since we have more daughters than sons, I spend a lot of my time either teaching or planning our girl’s education.

I am about as anti-feminist as they come.  I’m the first to say that the highest calling possible for a woman is to be a wife and mother.  I firmly believe that if in these two positions, our time and attention should stay focused within these spheres.

And yet, I am equally as passionate about the importance of educating our daughters.  Their education should absolutely match the care and attention given to our sons.

Today I would really like to share why I believe giving our daughters a high-quality education is absolutely necessary.  Education is a gift that we give to our children, and our daughters should learn more than basic reading and math while thinking that nothing more will ever matter, since they are destined to be a homemaker.

  1.  We don’t know God’s plans.  It might seem exceedingly obvious to us that our daughter’s work will be focused around household tasks one day, but honestly, none of us knows what the future may hold.  For awhile, I was a single mother.  Did I expect to find myself in this situation?  No.  We honestly have no clue where the Lord will lead us during our lifetime.  While again, I believe the calling of wife and mother is paramount, God for example has used women like Gladys Aylward and Amy Carmichael to further His kingdom in mighty ways.  Our girls could be cut out for mission work, or more.  Sometimes our daughters begin to focus on marriage and raising children to unhealthy degree before they graduate.  Might I suggest that we encourage our girls to keep their hearts open to whatever God intends?  While the majority of Christian woman do marry and have families, some do not, and God uses them just the same.
  2. Our daughters need to learn how to learn.  While it would certainly be easier for us to stop our studies whenever our daughters reach a basic level of math and language arts, our daughters need to learn how to learn.  While in high school, I was a very high achiever and was accepted into Georgia Tech’s Earth and Atmospheric Science Program. (I would like to take a moment to say that I never ended up there, since I didn’t know God’s plan and what He intended for me.  His plans were greater!)  While I almost never use any of the higher education material which I was taught now, I firmly believe that it was important for me to learn how to learn.  What I mean this is that when I struggled with different subjects, I was forced to adapt my studying and comprehension strategies.  I still use these techniques in my life today!  It’s important for us to encourage our daughters to not give up when the going gets tough, and that they will be better prepared to absorb information in their lives today if they work through more difficult material while in high school.
  3. Teach our boys and we’ve taught one man.  Teach our girls, and we’ve taught a family.  I’m not even sure where I’ve heard this sentiment before, but it’s so true.  Even if our girls do plan on becoming homeschool moms in the future, they will one day be pouring knowledge into their own families.  This is why we need to be pouring knowledge into them now.   As the saying goes, the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.  Most influential leaders credit their mothers for their love, care, and teaching.  Our daughters will be raising the future of our nation.  Giving them a quality, Christ-centered education is paramount.

I pray you’ve been encouraged to continuing pouring into your daughter’s education.  They are worth the investment!

7 thoughts on “The Importance of Investing in Our Daughter’s Education

  1. JES the Pilgrim says:

    I am right there with you! I love how thoroughly educated Anne Bradstreet was (and she was training to be a homemaker) and how she considered her family her #1 importance and was still able to write beautiful and inspiring poetry while surviving in a new land! This took brains, skill, wisdom and faith in God. Thank you for sharing on the Art of Home-Making Mondays! 🙂

  2. deansandrazmm says:

    I love the quote, “Teach our boys and we’ve taught one man. Teach our girls, and we’ve taught a family” thanks for sharing and God bless as you raise your family for Him!

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