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Life has been full lately.  Very full.  I am reminded on a daily (or even hourly!) basis of the Lord’s goodness as I take in my new family of ten.  (Ten!  I still can hardly believe it!)  Along with the fullness of life, sometimes feelings of being overwhelmed set in.  Whenever I feel this way, I’m reminded time and time again that I must turn to God’s Word.  I also find encouragement from various resources which point to Christ while sharing ways to best accomplish the huge task of raising our children for God’s glory.  Today I realized that I had shared several fabulous articles on my personal Facebook page that I would like to share here as well.  Enjoy!

Moms, Don’t Trust Your Fickle Feelings

“With Christ’s joy as our strength, we can rejoice that the thousand deaths to self we die each day are our servants—midwives bringing us gain, an eternal weight of glory. We mothers think we’re the ones serving, but actually God is serving us as he uses motherhood to make us more like his Son.”

Big Families Lift Burdens: Why the World Needs More Kids

“First, God has given us plenty of land to go around. The approximate population of the world (as of summer, 2016) is more than 7.3 billion. This number of people could fit fairly comfortably within the landmass of Texas, with room not only to live, but to farm a small plot of land. The idea that the world is overcrowded is based primarily on the overcrowding within the large cities of our planet, which is indeed a problem. But to suggest that the overcrowding of cities is a sign of the overpopulation of the planet is like concluding that there must be an epidemic of killer whales in our nation’s swimming pools after seeing Shamu at SeaWorld. It simply doesn’t hold water.”

Should Children Sit Through “Big Church”?

“Of course, it is over their head. It is supposed to be over their head. They are beginners. The English language is over their head as soon as they come out of the womb. But we don’t say: Well, let’s put them with other children in their own situations and limitations so they can understand a word or two. No. We immerse them in the English language every day that they don’t understand 90% of in the hope and expectation that they grow up into joyful use of the English language. Long before children understand fully what is going on in worship and what is sung and what is said, they are absorbing tremendous amounts of what is valuable.”

I Want Kids.  My Husband Doesn’t.  Can you tell that I’m a fan of Desiring God?

Grace vs. Holiness

“One of the great dangers facing the church in these postmodern days is that professing believers will substitute the God of the Bible for a lesser deity of their own design—one that reflects their values, their morality, and their priorities. It’s a subtle shift, as men and women who claim to know and love God de-emphasize aspects of His nature and attributes that don’t sit well with them, or adhere to their worldview.”

I hope that these articles are a blessing to you as you seek to serve our Savior.  Blessings!

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