Treasuring Our Children in a Materialistic World

Soft newborn skin sinks into my side as tiny fingers clasp my own.  My two-year-old wrinkles her nose as she shoots me a smile and leans a bit closer to share a sloppy kiss.

Instead of truly relishing the moment, sometimes my mind slips away to my to-do list which is a mile long.  Or to the crash coming from the next room.  That wasn’t my new picture frame, was it?  Or worse yet, a treasured heirloom from the case my preschooler just learned how to open.

Despite my best efforts, sometimes I take my eyes off of my greatest prize.  The materialism of this world slips in unannounced, and I begin to think about stuff instead of the treasures right in front of my eyes.  My children.

After confessing my sin and getting my priorities back in order, I often wonder just how we have gotten here.  I mean, I know I’m not the only mom who has struggled with this.

As moms, we are being pulled in so many different directions, and most of which are leading us directly away from our children.  Gone are the family values of eras before, replaced with stuff, stuff, and more stuff.

The Lord paints a different picture of children in His Word.  They are called a heritage.  They are called arrows.  They are called blessings.

They are not called an after thought.  Or a status symbol after you’ve arrived at the “just right” family of four, with one son and one daughter, of course.

My daughter was sharing an experience with me today that she had at a center which was filled with children whose mothers were either in prison or had lost their babies since they had tested positive for drugs at the hospital after their children were born.  These sweet kiddos had been cast aside for worldly “pleasures,” instead of being treated as the treasures they were.

I had to wonder if things might be different if the mothers had been taught that the children they were carrying were the greatest treasures they would ever see on this side of heaven.  Would things be different if more families put aside the stuff and sin that so easily distracts, and truly focused on their children, and treated them like the treasures they truly were?

As Christian moms, one of our purposes in life should be to treasure our children as God intended.  We are stewards of these great gifts, and the best thing we can do is to treat them accordingly.  Which includes, giving them…

…our time,

…our love,

and most importantly…

…sharing our faith with them in both word and deed.

May we lay aside the material cares of this world, and instead, focus on our families.  Our true treasure is too great to squander!

2 thoughts on “Treasuring Our Children in a Materialistic World

  1. Patty Greenbacker says:

    Great thoughts you shared here! It is so easy for us moms to get distracted whether by materialistic things or just any thing! Thank you for sharing and for being an encouragement!

    God bless,

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