Simple Ways for Mothers to Glorify God

As Christians, our primary duty is to glorify God with our lives.  But how does this translate into motherhood?  Are there ways to glorify the Lord while we raise our children?

Yes, there is!  Our children are watching us, and our enthusiasm (or lack of) for the things of God will rub off on them.  We are our children’s first teacher, and the way we live our day to day lives will affect the way they live as well.

To that end, here are a few simple ways we can glorify God while raising our children.

  1. Stay in scripture, and let your children watch you do so.  Sometimes it’s easy to read our Bibles on electronic devices.  I do it all of the time!  But it is also important to open our actual Bibles since our children will not know if we are reading scripture or playing a game on our phones.  Open the Bible and let it sit on the kitchen counter. Write a new verse on the family white board.  Read scripture aloud to your children.  All of these things will point our children to Christ and glorify God.
  2. Give credit where credit is due.  Sure, we might have made a fabulous dinner for our families, but who supplied the food?  Who gave us the ability to use our arms and minds to make a recipe come to fruition?  Verbally giving credit to God glorifies Him.
  3. Be fulfilled in your role.  Motherhood isn’t always fun, and it isn’t always easy. But, it’s the job the Lord has put before us, and we should do our best to let our children see us relish it.  It will teach them that we trust that God put us in just the right place in this life, and that His providential hand is worthy to be trusted.
  4. Trust Him through the hard times.  When times are tough, we need to turn to prayer instead of complaining.  This way of thinking is completely counter cultural, and God is glorified when we do so.  When we actually live out there verse, “the joy of the Lord is my strength,” than our children will take notice.

While it might seem strange at first, glorifying God in these simple ways will begin to feel like second nature when we consistently add them to our day.  Our children will be blessed, and we will as well.

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