Our Debt Free Journey – March Update

Ahh, I can hardly believe it is already March!  I wanted to give a quick “debt free journey” update.  With a good push from our federal tax return, we are now working on our 2nd to largest debt besides our house.

Last week we owed $1,777 on a personal loan from our credit union (which was really just a credit card consolidation.)  As of right now that is paid off, and the balance on our travel trailer has gone from $14,300 to $7,250.

I am pumped!  I really want to see the travel trailer debt GONE, but we have allocated a bit of funds to take an “anniversary” camping trip to Skidaway Island near Savannah.  We really love that place!  I am working on a frugal activity schedule, and it looks like we are going to be able to make that happen.  The kids are so excited!

In November, we started out with around $67,000 worth of debt (not including our mortgage).  Now we are down to around $40,000 by the grace of God!  After the travel trailer is paid off, we will start to tackle my $33,000 student loans.  We are thinking about selling a small tract of land from our property to pay off the majority of this debt.

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