What is True Beauty? Musings about Modesty

Over the past six years or so, my perception about Modesty and what it really is has changed drastically.  God has stretched me hard in this area.

And lately, in a sense I feel like I’ve been stretched harder.  I sometimes post modest clothing posts, which I do feel is very important in this day and age.  Modest clothing is very hard to come by, and I enjoy sharing outfits and reading other blogs which do the same.

But in all honesty, while seeking God’s best regarding what it means to live as a Christian woman, I’ve been praying about becoming more discreet.  More gentle.  More kind.  These are attributes which are pivotal to Christian ladies, and I sorely lack them at times.

Discretion involves not drawing undue attention to oneself.  Yes, the clothes I wear might cover my body, but I still spend lots of time worrying about styling.  I spend too much time worrying about make up, and coloring my hair.  Not to mention my jewelry.

I feel like the world around us has told us that we are not worthy as women unless we are put together “just so.”  It’s not good enough to be clean and well kept, we also must visit the beauty salon, the nail salon, the clothing store, and the spray tanning booth.  We go on exercise and dieting binges.  When we do this, what type of message are we sending our girls?

God accepts us just as we are in the skin He gave us.  He loves us unconditionally, and I really am starting to feel like His love might shine through me best if I accept who I am and stop focusing so much on the externals.  After all, His love is what true beauty really is all about.

And so, I’m in the midst of a little experiment.  I’ve colored my hair close to my natural shade, and am wearing less make up.  I’m tired of trying to live up to a superficial standard that the culture has put on us as women.  I really hope to explore this on the blog further one day.  True attractiveness has nothing to do with outward appearance, and everything with a heart changed for Christ.

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5 thoughts on “What is True Beauty? Musings about Modesty

  1. Stephanie says:

    Nicole I’ve been thinking a lot about this two. I’ve been telling myself lately, “You are wonderfully made.” I also told got a sort of revelation for myself today. I’m not “wonderfully made” because other people think so. It’s because of what God thinks and I’m fighting to believe that until it isn’t a fight to believe it anymore. And I’ve also started thinking that, “Okay, my clothes are modest, this is the style I like, I put it on and go about my day without dwelling on it further.” Once an elder sister told me when I was having a horrible time with insecurity. She said that I could make myself up and look like a beauty queen, but if I’m not showing love and kindness to my children and husband they won’t even see it. Be encouraged Nicole. We’re in this together.

    • Nicole says:

      Yes! Today I was so grieved when I learned about the choices a few girls my daughters used to dance with are making. I do not like this culture of boldness. I used to act the same way, I’m so glad that I’m slowly starting to learn how to behave, ha!

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