Reasons to Downsize into a Smaller Home

We have recently downsized. And let me tell ya, it has been really hard for me to do.

I had no idea just how attached I was to stuff. And space. Without even realizing it, I had attached myself to items that don’t even matter. Downsizing is sanctifying. It really is. Every time I ignore my flesh and continue to purge, a small victory is won.

There are many, many benefits to downsizing homes. I thought I would share a small list of ways taking the plunge and moving into a smaller home is good for our family life.

  1. Living in close quarters hones our patience.
  2. Our children will be better equipped to share, get along with, and even live with others once they enter adulthood.
  3. It is easier to monitor what type of material enters our homes when they are smaller.
  4. There are naturally more conversations when living in tight quarters, and relationships blossom.
  5. Much less time is spent cleaning, and more time is spent with our families.
  6. Finances are freed up, and more of our resources can go towards meaningful goals. Utility bills are cheaper as well,
  7. Financial and debt freedom is more easily attainable.
  8. Bad attitudes are seen more plainly, and we can address heart issues faster.
  9. Our children will learn that stuff isn’t as important as they once thought it was.
  10. Hopefully, one day we will see a shift from the materialistic culture we live in now.

I try my best to be quick to remind myself of the hidden “downsize blessings” that naturally occur whenever I miss our old home.

What about you? Please feel free to share your favorite thing about downsizing with us!

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9 thoughts on “Reasons to Downsize into a Smaller Home

  1. Donna Reidland says:

    We downsized about 15 years ago when we went into full-time ministry late in life. We love our small home, although “stuff” just seems to multiply and purging seems like an on-going process. It has been a blessing and has enabled us to serve God in much greater ways.

  2. Carole West, Garden Up Green says:

    We downsized to go Tiny and I love it, but I have to say it took me some time to wrap my brain about really getting rid of stuff. Once I discovered the freedom that followed a life with less I was hooked. Pairing down is a healthier way of living.

  3. nancyonthehomefront says:

    We have been working on decluttering for over a year in preparation of a move. Great post, thank you for sharing on the Homestead Hop, as one of the co-hosts I will be featuring your post this week. See you on Thursday!

  4. Dr B says:

    Nice post, we have just downsized WITHIN our existing house! Converting and living on the ground floor only of a large 3 storey house in The Cotswolds has been an interesting experience, but we now need to de clutter the two floors above us. Certainly a different way of downsizing, but less disruptive in many ways. Time to start blogging it I think!

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