Ideas that Maximize Sleep Space in Your Home

When we moved into our new home a few weeks ago, I was skeptical as to how our sleeping arrangements were going to work out. You see, we are a family of ten, and squeezing into a home with two small secondary bedrooms wasn’t exactly ideal in my opinion.

We had been doing just fine in a three bedroom home before, but these bedrooms were LARGE. I think that room sharing is ideal for our family, not only because with ten people we don’t have much of a choice, but because I believe it helps my children learn that life isn’t all about them, and that sharing and serving others is what it’s all about. The rampant individualism in our country doesn’t really mesh well with the gospel call to die to ourselves and our flesh daily. Room sharing is a small and simple way to cultivate a servant’s heart in our children.

But now our rooms are SMALL. Hmm…what to do? After researching options, we’ve come up with a configuration that will definitely work for us until we can expand our living space in the future. I’d love to share a few ideas that I’ve discovered that might help families utilize the space the Lord has provided for them well.

  • Utilize bunk beds and trundle beds when possible. At the moment we are only using one set of bunk beds. I believe that bunk and trundle beds are excellent space savers however, and we might add more in the future.
  • Turn a common space into a sleeping area. At the moment, our boys are sleeping in our “dining room,” and we plan on adding barn doors to it soon. We were able to do this since we have an eat-in kitchen as well as a bar-style countertop. We haven’t lost any eating space, but it is contained in a much smaller area.
  • Take notes from minimalist/tiny home blogs and websites. I have turned to tiny home sites for inspiration on many occasions! At the very least, I walk away with a better perspective and thankfulness for what we have.
  • Use some rooms strictly for sleeping. If you store clothing and toys elsewhere, than the room will seem much more spacious and uncluttered.
  • Sometimes mom and dad need to share their space, too. At the moment we are room sharing with our three and one-year-olds. I know this time is fleeting, which helps me to keep a happy and content perspective. Children grow up so fast, and I will miss this time dearly one day.
  • Group children with similar bedtimes together. I believe this tip helps evening routines run smoothly. At the same time…
  • Grouping older and younger children together works well, too. This method teaches older children responsibility, and gives younger children an older sibling to look up to. We have chosen this method for the time being.

I’ve gleaned these ideas from many years of trial and error. If we can cultivate an attitude of thankfulness in our homes, this goes a long way too. I’m sorry to say that I haven’t always had a fabulous attitude while downsizing. I thank God daily for His patience and grace!

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