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Good morning, sisters! Today I would like to share a word with you from John MacArthur. This was such an encouragement to me. I’ve come to realize that all of the little things throughout my day cultivate the atmosphere in my home. My heart is for God to be glorified in all things. Often times I fail, but through my failings I’ve learned that humility is the key to true worship. When I humble myself, and live in obedience to God’s Word, I see the Lord working so much more clearly. When I say, “I am nothing Lord, and you are everything,” I begin to find true peace.

Anyhow, I’m sharing a post about “Scripture-Twisting Tradition” below. It is namely about the church, but I believe the quote below definitely applies to having a heart of worship at home as well.

All true worship comes from the heart because we love God, because we love Christ, and it issues in obedience to Scripture. We don’t need tradition, we don’t need the church to interpret everything for us. There is one revelation of God that is absolutely true and it’s the Scripture, and not anything beyond this. And if we love God, we love His Word. If we love His Word, we love to obey His Word. True religion is humble love for and delight in God; humble love for and delight in Christ; humble love for and delight in the Holy Spirit, in the beauty of the holiness of our Lord, in the glory of His majesty. And this humble love leads us to love the Word and love to obey the Word.”

-John MacArthur

Link to “Scripture-Twisting Tradition”

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