Our Elementary Curriculum Choices for 2017-2018

Hello, ladies!  I’ve been meaning to finish up our curriculum post for the year for months now, but life has happened!  We’ve been super busy while jumping into our new curriculum on the heels of our move to South Carolina.

I must admit that teaching elementary grades is my favorite.  It is just so.much.fun!  My older children work independently for the most part, and so I appreciate the chance I have to work along side my little guys.

I often write a post about elementary curriculum choices with full intentions to write about my older children later.  And then I forget.  But this time, I’m really, really going to try to write out our plan for everyone and share it here.

Without further ado, this is what we are doing this year for our elementary kids:

5-year-old daughter, who is officially in Pre-K this year

  • CLE’s Kindergarten Program.  I love this program, and feel like it is perfect for my daughter.  We are going really slowly, and she initiates when she would like to learn.
  • Calendar Time where we discuss the day, week, month, season, etc.
  • Read aloud time with a Bible Story and Mother Goose Rhymes.
  • Other read alouds and easy art projects as time allows.

7-year-old son, who is officially in 2nd grade this year

  • Language Lessons for the Very Young from Queen Homeschool.  This is a very Charlotte Mason-ish approach to Language Arts and I love it!  It is very gentle.
  • Reading 1 and 2 from CLE.  My son is still finishing up his first grade reading work, and that is fine by me.
  • For spelling, I pick twelve words that he has been working on in reading and create a personalized list each week.
  • Math: Lessons for a Living Education Level 2.  After coming out of CLE’s 1st Grade Math, this program seems very gentle.  Too gentle at times.  But Maverick loves it, and he seems to be doing well with it.
  • Handwriting: Printing with Pictures.  Theme: Animals We Love.  This program is also by Queen Homeschool.  It is super simple.  Basically, Maverick writes a single sentence each day, but the goal is to write it perfectly.  If he does, he moves on.  If not, he tries again.
  • History Stories for Little Americans: American History for Beginning Readers and Pre-Readers.  Okay, so I LOVE this History curriculum!  Maverick is engaged in the stories and activities, and it isn’t too much for me in this really busy season of my life.  This is also from Queen Homeschool.
  • We are using Exploring Creation with Astronomy for Science.  He is working through this with his older sister, who is in the sixth grade.
  • Weekly violin lessons at a local Charlotte Mason Christian School.
  • Calendar Time where we discuss the day, week, month, season, etc.
  • Read aloud time with a Bible Story and Mother Goose Rhymes.
  • Other read alouds and easy art projects as time allows.

As you can see, we have gone pretty much with a Charlotte Mason approach this year.  We are loving it.  I really believe that before third grade, learning should be very enjoyable and child initiated for the most part.  This is our first year using Queen Homeschool products and I highly recommend them!  I needed a more open and go curriculum this year, but wanted it written in a Charlotte Mason approach.  Queen Homeschool products are perfect for this!  We plan on going on more nature walks now that the weather has grown cooler and we are more settled.

If you have any questions for me, please let me know.  Having my children at home with me each day is such a joy!

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3 thoughts on “Our Elementary Curriculum Choices for 2017-2018

  1. peculiarchristian says:

    I completely love your blogs! Just—just started following. I, too, am a homeschool mom—homeschooling a high schooler for the first time this year—freshman daughter. Did you already do a blog post on homeschooling a high schooler and HS curriculum? Our youngest is a special needs child, cerebral palsy in a wheelchair, so a lot of time is spent working with him during our school day together. Because of this, I always have enjoyed the benefits of teaching some subjects as a group. Do you do this with a high schooler and your other children? (Actually what led me to your blog was your Sonlight blog I came across online after doing some research on Usbourne books—Amazing job—agree 100%).

    Also, I love your Mary & Martha posts. Even though I have never ordered anything from them, I have been thinking about getting involved. Everything looks so beautiful and our Christian hometown gift/bookstore just closed shop. Also, extra money would be very beneficial!

    Thank you for sharing your life, your home and your heart!

    Christine Kaiser


    • Nicole says:

      Hi Christine! It is so nice to meet fellow homeschoolers! I haven’t posted about High School yet, but hope to soon. Thank you so much for your encouraging words about my Usborne post. That one received a lot of backlash.😉

      I would love to send you information about Mary & Martha! Feel free to email me at randncrone@gmail.com, and I will send it your way. It has been such a blessing thus far. If you decide to join through Proverbs31.life, I’d love to send a $25 rebate to you through PayPal.


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