DIY Farmhouse Shelving

I adore farmhouse decor. It is clean, bright, and reminds me of a simpler time.

A few months before we moved, my husband built a duo of farmhouse shelves for our dining room. I loved them, and hated to see them go. Over the weekend, he recreated the same look in our new living room, but with three shorter shelves this time around.

After Rusty took the needed measurements, he went to Lowe’s and picked out the nicest pine boards he could find. We were on a budget, and so we didn’t go with the most expensive type of wood. He also picked up black brackets for the wall.

The next day we realized that we couldn’t find our stain, and so back to Lowe’s we went. We picked out a small container of walnut stain in the paint section.

Rusty cut the boards to size, and then sanded them. He also stained them, and allowed them to dry overnight. The next day he attached the brackets, and then hung them on the wall.

The entire project was super easy, and I’m in love with the result! I’m displaying my Geneva Bible along with a copper basket full of a few other Bibles on the bottom shelf. My Rejoice Always Canister, Queen Anne’s Lace Pitcher, and Chalkboard Tray are also displayed. A family portrait rests on the top shelf. These shelves are also a really fun place to display seasonal decor! Mason grabbed a piece of cotton for me from the Post Office’s parking lot. A cotton gin is near our home, and cotton is grown everywhere! Lots of it falls from the trucks and is left on the side of the road.

Other than cutting the wood, I’m quite certain that I could have handled this project myself. It was so easy, and these shelves have an extra touch of character that store bought pieces don’t usually have. They were definitely made with love!

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