Caring for our Children Tenderly

As mamas, caring for our children is one of the most important things we do each day.  Lately, I’ve been convicted about not so much the act of caring for them, but my attitude while caring for them.

Believe me, I know that it can prove to be quite difficult to be always cheerful; always ready to help our children along with the best of attitudes.  But after all the Lord has done for me, is it really too much for Him to ask me to love those around me with a kind and gentle spirit?

Far too often, it is easy to begin to think about motherhood as a job.  I do tell my children that I have the best job in the world from time to time.  Because I do.  But I believe it is wise for me to transform my thinking with the Word to where I count every single act of mothering as pure joy.  When I serve my children, I’m really serving God, after all.

I was really encouraged by a Carolyn Mahaney in her book, “Feminine Appeal.”  She talks about having tender thoughts towards our children in the following passage.

“I knew my friend was just trying to be helpful, but as she talked, anxiety rose in my heart.  ‘You know,’ she said, ‘I recently read that a newborn requires thirty to forty hours a week of care…’

It was only a matter of days before I was due to deliver our fourth child, our son Chad.  Because it had been almost twelve years since the birth of my last baby, I was already apprehensive about the adjustments his arrival would bring.  My friends certainly wasn’t helping matters!…

Then I remembered Psalm 127: ‘Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward.  Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children of one’s youth.  Blessed is the man who fills his quiver with them!’ (vv.3-5).

As I read those words, I realized how sinful my outlook had become.  I had been viewing this baby as ‘a forty-hour work week.’ But God wanted me to think of him as a reward.” (p. 56)

It is so easy to think of our children as burdens, instead of the rewards they truly are.  Carolyn continues her encouragement by saying, “Our speech and actions are shaped by our thoughts.  Therefore, we must make every effort to think Psalm 127 kinds of thoughts about our children.  Thinking of them as a heritage, a rewards, and a blessing will alter our attitude and provide the fertile soil for our tender love to grow.” (p. 57)

Ladies, let’s strive to think of our children with tenderness this week.  Many blessings to you as you serve your family!

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6 thoughts on “Caring for our Children Tenderly

  1. Tracy Gnann (@Tracymaebob) says:

    I am in the process of adopting our foster child. We fought so hard for her!! I would not want to ever think of her as a burden. There was a time when we thought we would lose her. I am thankful every day for her. Does not mean it is always easy but so worth it. #MMBH

  2. Charity Childs says:

    Great thoughts. I need the reminder to think of my children as a blessing and not an interruption. I love how the verse before children being a heritage talks about God giving his beloved sleep. My children often interrupt my sleep with their needs, but often my sleep loss is my own doing as I allow myself to meditate on all of the sorrows and cares of parenthood instead of trusting God.

  3. Leslie says:

    Nicole, thank you so much for this reminder today about our attitudes! This goes for when they are little and when they are big, too. I have one teen and one that just turned 20! The years fly by and I look back and think about how many times I could have had a better attitude, but God is our redeemer and uses everything for His glory when we are humble before Him. We used those times of bad attitudes to grow closer in the long run because apologies can do that kind of thing. It’s amazing how God works!

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