Cover Up for Christ {11/27/17}

What a lovely, and blessed, week it has been! We officially sold our home in Georgia, which is amazing. I plan on working on a current “Debt Free Update” soon. But let’s just say that my student loans are paid off, and other than our mortgage, we’re debt free! You can read about how we paid off our first $30,000 of debt here.

I wore this outfit to meet my husband to close on our house. It is so comfortable, and I love the floral print.

What I Wore:

Skirt: eBay

Shirt: Walmart

Cardigan: Walmart

Headband: Hobby Lobby

I always check Hobby Lobby for headbands.

I love this “grandpa” sweater that I purchased at Walmart. It is so warm and comfy! You can find a similar one here.

I hope y’all have a lovely week! I’m looking forward to digging into the second chapter of The Beauty of Jesus Revealed in the Feasts with my children!

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