Cover Up for Christ {12/11/17}

I haven’t shared as much as usual this week. Our days have been very full, and we’ve also been dealing with sickness and a nursing strike. I’m praying for God’s sustaining grace. I certainly need it right now!

I ordered a Navy sweater shawl/poncho not too long ago off of Amazon, and I love it! I can’t believe how warm it keeps me.

Internet shopping has been my thing lately. All of the items pictured came from online. I have two criteria for my clothing at the moment…comfortable and covering. I wear something like this most of the time now.

What I Wore:

Navy Sweater Shawl/Poncho: Amazon

Navy Floral Skirt: eBay

Navy Floral Headband: Amazon

While I like this wide headband, it has the tendency to slide. I think I might wear it with a few bobby pins next time.

I’m reading a book about head covering, and I came across an interesting point about the similarity between the veiling and Lord’s Supper ordinances, which are listed back to back. “The teaching of veiling (verses 1-16) speaks of the covering and crucifixion of self, while the teaching on the Lord’s Supper (verses 17-34) speaks of our remembrance of Jesus having done the same- His giving of Himself on the cross for our sins. This was Jesus’ way; if we would enter into His life, it is done only by the very same means.” From …Let Her Be Veiled

And so, this is something I have been pondering.

I hope y’all have a lovely week ahead of you! I’m looking forward to some much needed rest.

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2 thoughts on “Cover Up for Christ {12/11/17}

  1. Jessica Roldan says:

    Very nice, Nicole!
    I can’t believe how cold it looks outside–ice on the ground! But, you do look cozy in your beautiful outfit. Thank you for yet another encouraging post on modesty!

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