Pieces of Our Christ-Centered Hanukkah Celebration

This week has been busy. The Festival of Lights, or Hanukkah, began on Tuesday evening, and we have been celebrating the joy of Jesus being our light, and thinking about ways to rededicate our “temples,” or lives/bodies to the Lord. While we don’t consider Hanukkah to be a “holy day,” it is a “memorial time” to remember God’s grace during the Maccabean revolt and the restoration of His temple. Did you know that Antiochus IV ordered a pig to be sacrificed and offered to Zeus on December 25th, which was his “birthday”? The blood from the pig was then sprinkled on the Holy of Holies. Our family sees Hanukkah as a time to rejoice because such evil was overcome.

I have many thoughts about Hanukkah, and how to celebrate in a Jesus-honoring way, but most likely I will share those at another time. We have been following a Christ-centered devotional each night. I’m so thankful for God’s light, His Son, and His Word! I love the fact that in John we read how Jesus first announced that He and the Father are one during the Feast of Dedication, or Hanukkah.

We didn’t want this celebration to feel too much like Christmas, and so we gave a small gift or devotional item to each child on the first day, and that is it. You can find the Prayer Journals that we gifted to our older girls here. We’ve also crafted quite a bit so far, and ate some yummy doughnuts. Later in the week I plan to integrate a study about the armor of God into a discussion about the Maccabees. We also are going to talk about how the Greek take over laid the framework for the New Testament to be written in Greek.

I hope y’all have a blessed weekend with your families!

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4 thoughts on “Pieces of Our Christ-Centered Hanukkah Celebration

  1. Sharon says:

    SO exciting!! Sounds like we share similar views regarding Hanukkah. Our children are still really young (2 and under), so I haven’t prioritized doing anything this year. But I would LOVE to hear more of your ideas!

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