What to do When We Feel Embarrassed about Dressing Counter-Culturally

Hello, ladies! I have been reading a book about head covering called, …Let Her Be Veiled, and I came across a passage that I really wanted to share with y’all. While this speaks about head covering specifically, I think these principles can be applied to dressing modestly as well, especially for those who where skirts full time.

“As Scripture says, a woman’s hair is her glory – all women instinctively know this, whether they have read and believed it in the Bible or not. Billions of dollars are spent each year in this country alone for the primping and prettying of women’s hair. To cover the hair under a veil is one of the best opportunities a sister has to strike at the root of pride and vain glory in her life. Some would say the head veiling is bondage; how about being bound to the hair styles and fads of the world? If there is any bondage one should be concerned about being freed from it is the idolatry of bondage to the prideful old self, which seeks continually to grasp through the vanity and lust of the flesh.

If a Christian woman truly loves the Lord, will there be any cost too great in her abandonment to Him? No – in fact, she will have an enthusiasm for anything which deals with that self-root in her life; a passion to be rid of any obstacle to a deeper love and relationship with her Lord and Savior Jesus.

If one feels embarrassed to wear the head veiling, they should recognize that it is due to a fear of man…the veiling is a direct threat to the fleshly spirit which frantically clutches for what it considers to be its rights.”

-Tom Shank

Wow! This passage was very convicting to me. We really should try to avoid Satan’s snares in the world’s fashion system, as the author suggested.

This book is available for free in print form from Charity Christian Fellowship. Blessings!

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