She Employs All Her Living for Her Husband’s Good

Lately, I’ve been working on expanding the collection of Bible translations in our home. My favorite addition has been a 1560 Geneva Bible until we purchased the Septuagint last week.

The Septuagint is the Scriptures that were translated into Greek a couple of centuries before Jesus walked on earth. It is my understanding that when authors quoted Scripture in the New Testament, they used the Septuagint to do so. I purchased my copy on Amazon, and the text is written in both Greek and English.

I was really curious to read Proverbs 31 in the Septuagint, and boy, was I in for a treat!

I especially like verse twelve. “For she employs all her living for her husband’s good.”What an insightful perspective! What a difference we would make in our homes if we viewed our employment and our living as doing good for our husbands.

This perspective is vastly different from what we see in today’s world. While in general I do not recommend “The Transformed Wife,” I really like what she says below.

Why are we willing to submit to our bosses but not to our husbands? Men instinctually desire to have a help meet, and when women enter the work place this need is often met through women employees. Ladies, this should not be.

This article estimates that 85% of affairs originate in He workplace. This is a huge number! What a difference we could make for God if we returned to our homes and made it our purpose and employment to bring good to our husbands!

I love the definition of “employ” found in the 1828 Webster’s dictionary:

To occupy the time, attention and labor of; to keep busy, or at work; to use. We employ our hands in labor; we employ our heads or faculties in study or thought; the attention is employed, when the mind is fixed or occupied upon an object; we employ time, when we devote it to an object. A portion of time should be daily employed in reading the scriptures, meditation and prayer; a great portion of life is employed to little profit or to very bad purposes.

What if our husband’s good occupied our time, attention, and labor? I believe this would restore many marriages. This is definitely something to consider!

I hope and pray that the Lord will lead us as we seek to serve Him by doing our husbands good.

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7 thoughts on “She Employs All Her Living for Her Husband’s Good

  1. Ellie says:

    Thanks for some food for thought! I’d much rather be “employed” by my husband than someone else. I think that to think of my duties in light of this can breathe new life into my role as wife. 🙂

  2. Kay Walker says:

    Hello Nicole,
    I enjoy your blog a lot and I also enjoy reading The Transformed Wife. Could I ask why you don’t recommend it? Just curious.

    • Nicole says:

      Hello Kay! I guess I personally feel like the tone on the blog you asked about at times lacks grace. I also left the TW’s private Facebook group since she sometimes shamed differences in doctrinal views which had nothing to do with Biblical womanhood.

      • Hannah says:

        I am a member of that private group… I have never felt shamed by Lori’s posts, even ones I didn’t agree with. I don’t recall anything that doesn’t do with biblical womanhood either.

      • Nicole says:

        I personally decided to leave when Lori posted a few memes along with degrading commentary saying those who choose not to celebrate Christmas were pursuing false doctrine. She said anyone who posted a different opinion would be deleted. Our family does not celebrate Christmas nor do we find it to be Biblical, and so I knew it was time for me to leave.

  3. Becoming His Tapestry says:

    There is a reason ‘good and not evil’ are in this verse. Although I will not do evil to my husband deliberately, I may not be actively doing good either. ‘Will do’ implies a steady doing of good. An active, consistent, doing and planning to do good. These verbs bring to mind a seeking of ways to do good. They imply initiating ‘good’. Great post, really enjoyed reading

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