A Weekly Glimpse into Our Home #7

I haven’t shared a peek into our home for a couple of months now since I’ve been trying to make a conscience effort to stay off of my phone more often. But since I’m totally awake at 5 am I thought I would quickly finish the update I began earlier in the week!

Our life has been both busy and blessed lately. One of our sons will be turning eight later in the week. I can hardly believe it! I’ll be working on his birthday stuff starting tomorrow. I plan on pulling my heat press out of storage to make him a special shirt. He requested an Atlanta Braves themed party, which is kind of difficult since we live in South Carolina! I was able to purchase a few things online, and then I will use red and blue table clothes and streamers to pull it together. He requested that I make him a red velvet cake that looks like a baseball with chocolate chips inside.

(Update…He has turned eight and had a really fun day!)

We have been working on clearing land to build a fence for our animals. Hopefully it will be finished soon! Our oldest son has been helping a lot with it, and we will add enough to his savings for him to purchase a banjo once it is finished.

We have been using Plant Therapy’s Immune Aid essential oil to keep the germs at bay. We haven’t been sick since early December, praise be to God!

I’ve had so much fun decorating lately. We found a few antique stores in neighboring towns, which has been awesome! I hadn’t been to an antique store since we lived in Georgia. I love neutral colors, primitives, and farmhouse style at the moment. Our living area is mainly neutral, but I’m trying to work with a blue wall in our bedroom. Our old bedroom was beige and blue so I already have lots of items that fit.

Homeschooling has been going pretty good! Our four oldest children work almost entirely independently, and our youngest children are doing great. I did just switch back from CLE reading to Abeka reading with our second grader. He has struggled with reading, and is doing better with Abeka. I LOVE CLE curriculum, it just wasn’t working very well for him. Our oldest is getting ready to graduate! I can hardly believe it.

Mary & Martha just released a new catalog that I’m super excited about! I’m going to purchase these new slides for my Announcement Board soon.

Another one of my new favorite things is my Complete Jewish Study Bible. There is so much fabulous information in it! I’ve also just finished reading Pagan Christianity? by Frank Viola and George Barna. Don’t let the title scare you. I really think it is a must read for every believer. While I definitely do not agree with every opinion or theological argument in the book, the historical information presented about church traditions is very eye opening.

I’ve pretty much stopped making items to sell at the moment. My husband is the sweetest thing and has been telling me for years now that he doesn’t want me to work from home. Well, I FINALLY am listening to him and it has been fabulous spending all of my time during the day focusing on my babies. My crafting stuff is in storage for the time being.

I received a summons for jury duty a couple of weeks ago. I quickly produced an affidavit explaining my exemption on the form, but never heard anything back from them. I called the clerk of court on Wednesday and apparently my paperwork had been lost in the shuffle. I was given the exemption for being a caregiver of young children, but the whole scenario had me rattled. Did you know that it wasn’t until the 1970s that all states asked women to participate in jury duty? When women began to be jurors, there was a quick and easy out for them if they did not want to participate…simply for being a woman. If all of my children were over the age of seven, I would not be exempt in my state. I really feel like now women who hold to traditional gender and familial roles are discriminated against. Where are my rights? My work in the home is far more important than any “civil duty,” and I really don’t feel like it’s my place to participate in such matters.

I hope y’all have had a blessed week! Who is looking forward to the weekend? I’m looking forward to having my husband home with us!

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3 thoughts on “A Weekly Glimpse into Our Home #7

  1. Marilyn says:

    Thank You for this great post concerning your son’s birthday and update. Happy Birthday to your 8 year old ,may he have many happy days and blessings throughout the year. God Bless you and yours.

  2. Diana says:

    Happy Birthday to your 8yo, and congrats on your upcoming graduate! And bravo to your husband for encouraging you to do less work-from-home!

    I SO totally agree on jury duty. I have received several summons since becoming a mother, and my response has been near-panic, due to the reasons you listed. I do believe that jury duty should be for men only. Forcing mothers into jury duty means that homeschooling is neglected by force, and mothers are ripped from young children by force. As in so many other areas (like public office, etc.) it really is better if men are trusted to these roles rather than shoe-horning women in as well.

    Loved reading about your week! Thanks for sharing!!

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