The Joy of Being a Stay at Home Wife and Mom

What a joy it is to be a stay at home wife and mother! I woke up this morning with a new spring in my step after battling a cold the past few days. It has been such a blessing to have the privilege to stay at home to mend with no pressing outside obligations. The children and I have been able to relax and enjoy a few slow days. Pajamas have been worn. Ice cream has been eaten. We’ve enjoyed a few family Bible times once my husband has arrived home from work.

While our days are even more enjoyable when everyone is well, these days of sickness and quietude have made me realize just how wonderful it is to be a stay at home wife and mom.

This is what the LORD has called us to do. We are to be keepers. Keepers of our home, and keepers of the influences allowed inside. We are to keep the heart of our husband and children and when they think of the word “home” a picture of us should come to mind. The LORD wants our homes to be a place of refuge, and we have been called to be the full-time managers. What joy! What a privilege!

My people will live in safety, quietly at home. They will be at rest.

Isaiah 32:18

Ladies, I fear the world has lied to us for far to long. I used to listen to its lies, too. Finances may seem tight at first since we live in a two-income family society, but if we return to the home and embrace resourcefulness the LORD will provide for our needs. I fear that we often confuse our wants with our needs. But really, the simple things in life are the best things.

When we stay at home and are available to our families on a full time basis, peace comes. Running to and fro and craving the newest fads does not bring peace. Dropping our children off at the babysitters or at day care will not bring peace.

Just as the LORD is a peacemaker, he has called us to be just the same. Peace is one the fruits of the spirit, and if it is lacking in our homes we must stop to wonder what might be missing. So often I realized that it was I that was missing when things went awry. This is definitely something to prayerfully consider. The LORD is for both you and your family sweet mama.

16 thoughts on “The Joy of Being a Stay at Home Wife and Mom

  1. Grace Taylor says:

    Hello Nicole
    I agree with completely. I am a single woman who has to work but I do think it is sad to see young children taken out of their home every morning to a daycare. I believe the Bible teaches that women are keepers of the home, and need to be there to make it a ‘home’. I know a young Christian woman who stays home to look after her three children. Her husband works at a low-income job but supports her fully, and their finances cover their needs. It is more important to her to be at home with her children than have more money. She has to defend herself from many negative comments from others – including other Christian women, which is a sad state. I applaud you both!

  2. teawithjennifer says:

    Hi Nicole,
    I love all day pajamas day! I was a stay at home Mum too! Highly recommend it!

    We are page buddies at Mommy Moment Link up this week, I posted “Mama Guilt…”

    You’re most welcome to drop by do a cup of inspiration anytime!

  3. Monica says:

    Thank you for posting this encouragement. I recently left my high-paying but very high-stress job to care for my son and support my husband full-time. I am nervous that I won’t do a good job and will end up feeling like a failure as a sahm like I did when I was working. Please pray for me.

    • Nicole says:

      Monica, you are in my prayers! And I assure you that you are not a failure. There are many days that I have felt the same. God’s grace is there for us, and He is strong when we are weak.

  4. Sherry says:

    So completely agree with you Nicole. There is no greater joy than to be obedient to God and His order of things. The difference in the family is HUGE! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

  5. Heather says:

    Hi Nicole, I found your post through the Wednesday link up at A Wise Woman Builds Her Home. Thank you for the encouraging, refreshing reminder.

    I have been a stay at home mom for nearly 8 years now, and my younger child is about to start school next year. My husband and I are struggling with the decision of what to do next – do I go back to work full-time? Do I go back to work part-time? Do I find some way to work from home? My heart wants to be easily accessible to my children so I can take them to school in the mornings, volunteer at their school, be here when they get home, go with them on field trips, etc, so working full-time isn’t what I see for my future. However, my husband would really rather me go back to earning a salary like I did before we had kids. We are in prayer about this, and I am hoping that the Lord will give us peace and clarity about what I should do.

    I definitely remember the peace you describe that comes when mom is at home – I felt it most when my older child was little, and it was just the two of us at home during the day. It got a little more hectic adding the second child, but I do know that it would have been 10x more hectic for me to have worked outside the home during this time. I am eternally grateful that God convicted me to leave my job and stay at home with my children. It is a decision I will never regret! (I have blogged about God’s conviction in that direction in the past –

    Thanks again for sharing the post. I look forward to reading more from your blog 🙂

  6. April J Harris says:

    This is a lovely post, Nicole, and it totally resonates with me. Although I know that not all women are destined to stay at home with their child(ren), it is certainly the life that worked for my husband, our son and I. I dipped in and out of part time work, but it was when I became a full time housewife that I truly felt fulfilled. I have friends for whom this simply would not work, but it was absolutely the right path for my family and I, and I feel blessed to have been able to follow it. I’m glad you are feeling better. Thank you so much for sharing this post, and for being a part of the Hearth and Soul Link Party.

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