Finding Joy as a Stay at Home Wife and Mom

Last week I wrote about the incredible joy that is found in the life of a stay at home wife and mom.

But sometimes this joy seems elusive, doesn’t it? I know that some days I feel like I’m amazing at this mom thing, and other days I wonder why in the world the LORD chose me to be a mother.

The same goes for being a wife. I love my calling as a keeper at home. I love being a wife, and I know this is God’s place for me. But I’m not perfect. And some days all of my imperfections seem to be incredibly exaggerated, you know what I mean?

When my joy is lacking, it usually is because my contentment level is out of balance. Being content is the key to our joy. This is hard for me sometimes. I think why this is so difficult for me is because at the root of my discontentment is a big, ugly sin problem. Yes, my discontentment is sin. The LORD has given me so much. Who am I to complain if my life isn’t always just what I expected. Yes, children sometimes whine. It’s okay if our homeschool isn’t my version of picture perfect. My husband isn’t always going to measure up to my silly, foolish standards, either. I must remember that behind the scenes is a mighty God who has provided for all of my needs exceedingly and abundantly.

Secondly, sometimes my joy fades when I compare myself to others. Ladies, comparison is a trap that we must avoid at all costs! Our lives are beautiful and unique in their own right. We must remember that we are blessed beyond measure! You are the only person in the entire world who has been called to stand next to and support your husband. Your children belong to no one but you. What a privilege! We must remember that we cannot see behind the facade of the “perfect” family down the street. Their life might look completely different behind closed doors.

Lastly and most importantly, I’ve realized that my joy is sometimes lacking when I do not stay rooted in Scripture. While I’m not a fan of devotionals, staying in God’s Word is so important if we are seeking joy. You cannot go wrong if you go straight to the source. I’ve had a few spiritual growing pains this year, but the result is that my understand of God has blossomed like never before. If you feel like you are in a rut, keep pursuing the LORD’s truth. He is always there to help you when you are in need, and His Word is perfect!

Finding joy and contentment right where we are is an act of obedience. It is an act of saying no to both the sin of discontentment and to the world which often tells us that there is always more for us around the corner. (Which is a lie, by the way.) Learning the art of joy right where we are is a gift to both ourselves and our family. It is best to put aside comparisons, pick up the Bible, and commit ourselves to the life of JOY that the LORD has stretched out in front of us.

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