Modest & Affordable Swim Suits for Girls

It’s almost summer! The season of sun, sand, and…swimsuits.

I have been looking for new swimsuits for my daughters for months now. I finally settled on two swimsuits that totaled over $80 on Etsy, even after I had used the Ibotta rebate.

But then totally by chance I came across the cutest suits for $20 while looking for options for my preteen. I knew my five-year old would love the red cat option, since her favorite color is red and she’s kind of a cat fanatic. My three-year-old has the bunny option on order. I’m sending the more expensive suits back tomorrow. This decision has also helped my quest towards frugality!

(My three-year old picked out the bunny option. This suit comes in several different patterns!)

Our girls are so precious, ladies. They deserve to be covered appropriately in all situations. I think it’s totally unfair that boys usually have more modest and skin protective options than girls. I think I found a winner with this suit!

I shared a picture of two of my girls on social media wearing their suits today, and several mamas were interested in these suits as well, so I thought I would share them here as well.

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