Cover Up For Christ {5/19/18}

I haven’t posted any modest outfit posts lately, which is something I really enjoy doing. Since I’ve challenged myself to not buy new clothing this year I’ve kind of come up empty handed while trying to figure out new outfit ideas. It’s all good though. Learning to become more frugal has been a blessing to my family.

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My sixteen-year-old daughter kindly said that I could post some photos of her from a recent outing today. She is into comfy clothes that don’t hinder her movement. This dress from Amazon is perfect for her!

What She Wore:

Olive Green T-Shirt Dress: Amazon ($11)

Brown Boots: Walmart ($5)

Yes, her boots were $5.00. I could hardly believe I came across such a good end of season deal!

Maddy loves photography, and we took her to the Biggin Church Ruins to get a few shots. We also stopped by a park where she and my son almost fell into a river while standing on a dock. Large boats were speeding by, creating some monster waves!

Maddy wears this dress just about every week. It definitely has become one of her new favorites.


If you are interested in the subject of modesty, I‘d love to share a book I wrote with you. It is called “Meant to be Modest.” It includes a couple of chapters of new content not found on this blog. In full disclosure, I’m not too keen on the cover image any more. It’s funny. A couple of years ago I felt like the cover image was perfectly modest, and now I’m not so sure. I probably will be changing it soon. The LORD continually renews our minds, doesn’t He?

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  1. Michelle Knight says:

    I think your daughter is dressed nicely. We have all boys, and most of them are little. It is a rare occasion unless we are swimming that they get to be without shirts. Thanks for the post.

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