Overflowing Motherhood

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Dry. During some seasons of life, I feel so dry. You might know what I’m talking about, mamas. We are pulled in lots of directions with little time for ourselves. Then the dryness comes.

I’ve been told that staying in God’s Word is a remedy for dryness. And it most definitely is. We don’t need to splurge on a spa day or demand time to ourselves in order to be full, or even overflowing. The LORD will fill us up just as we are and just where we are. He is merciful and mighty. He is kind and just. He is everything.

But sometimes I don’t feel better just by reading God’s Word. Perhaps I’m distracted during my reading time. And more often than I care to admit, I don’t put what I’m reading into practice.

While it isn’t rocket science, sometimes I forget that the LORD actually wants for me to act upon the Words I’ve just read. He desires for me to walk in obedience.

When I begin to walk in obedience, my cup is filled. This has been a game changer in my life. Walking in obedience often looks radical to the rest of the world. It even looks radical to cultural Christianity.

This week I am in a not-so-comfortable situation where I will need to hold my tongue. A lot. The LORD was so good to lead me to verses about peacefulness and quietness over the last few days. I knew in my heart that He wanted me to live these verses out. To walk in them. Biting my tongue is not my strong suit when it comes to things of the LORD. It is something I struggle with.

And yet, by the grace of God alone I have kept silent and smiled when being told, ” I never thought you would do this, be that, etc.” It is definitely hard when family members don’t understand your faith. But the LORD is good and will see me through. And tonight, I’m full. Overflowing even!

The same holds true with motherhood, mamas. When we actually walk out the Scriptures the LORD is so good to fill us to overflowing. We weren’t made to feel dry. We were meant to thrive by His grace!

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I pray that you will soon be overflowing, ladies. Blessings!

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2 thoughts on “Overflowing Motherhood

  1. Magan says:

    I needed this today. Our world doesn’t understand wanting to live for the Lord and not for ourselves. My own mother doesn’t understand the way our family chooses to live and at times can be down right disrespectful of it even tho she is is a Christian! She has made remarks about me and my daughters wearing skirts all the time and even tried to buy my 3 year old a bikini because she didn’t approve of her swim dress. Yikes! Thanks for the encouragement. It’s nice to know we aren’t alone!

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