Living Simply and a Short Outdoor Tour {Video}

Today I decided to dust off my YouTube channel and share our small garden, chicken area, and clothes line with y’all. I am NOT very good at making videos, ha! Nonetheless, I hope you are encouraged by it.

We have been transitioning to a simpler lifestyle, by God’s grace. It has been a lot of fun to put together our little garden!

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5 thoughts on “Living Simply and a Short Outdoor Tour {Video}

  1. Diana says:

    That was a lovely video, Nicole! I really enjoyed it! And your headcovering was lovely, and your house and property are drop-dead gorgeous!!! Wow!! As an Arizonan, I simply crave GREEN, and y’all definitely have it!

    I deal with the same issue of being torn between home and out-and-about. I’m not an out-and-about person myself (I always prefer home), but I deal with a constant guilt load from the feeling that I SHOULD be getting my children involved in a heavy outside-the-home schedule. Around here, a lot of homeschool families seem to be the two-children constantly-on-the-go type, and larger families or stay-at-home families just aren’t that common. But I have found that it is SO easy to create chaos and misery when we pile on the activities, so I am learning to be extremely cautious about saying yes to ANY activity.

    Have a wonderful summer!!

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