Dealing with Feminine Pride Through Head Covering

Good afternoon, ladies! The Lord has been working on my heart a good bit regarding modesty, and I wanted to pop in and share a bit from a book titled “Let Her Be Veiled.” This resource is free from a ministry online. Hooray!

This is actually my second time reading through this book. I began searching for answers once again on this topic when I realized about one week ago that the “nakedness” exposed in Isaiah 47:2, is referring to hair (or “locks”) thighs AND calves. (I possibly will delve into this at another time.)

Anyhow, I’m on the quest for answers regarding whether the Lord considers uncovered hair nakedness. He is unchanging, and I doubt His definition of such would change with culture. And so, here I am rereading this short book once again. I’d love to share a few excerpts with you about feminine pride, that have truly convicted me.

“In our attempt, by God’s grace, to preach the gospel of the kingdom, this issue of the woman’s veiling inevitably becomes a focal point of resistance. Why? I believe that in a very tangible way it confronts two of the greatest demonic subversions of the church that the world has ever seen. First, it is an attack on the validity of making a conscientious commitment to a simple obedience of the Scripture as a result of a changed heart and a pure love for Jesus. Secondly, it exposes and expresses a stand against the Jezebel spirit that so pervades the church today…A veiled head is a direct blow on Satan on two primary aspects of his fall – pride and rebellion. The veiled head very effectively deals with slavery to hair styles, and may I add, to feminine pride.”

“To cover the hair under veil is one of the best opportunities a sister has to strike at the root of pride and vain glory in her life. Some would say the head veiling is bondage; how about being bound to the hair styles and fads of the world? If there is any bondage one should be concerned about is the idolatry of bondage to the prideful old self, which seeks continually to grasp for glory through the vanity and lust of the flesh.”

I believe head covering is important, and is an ordinance for today just as the Lord’s Supper is. 1 Corinthians 11 is devoted to both topics. “The teaching of the veiling (verses 1-16) speaks of the covering and crucifixion of self, while the teaching on the Lord’s supper (verses 17-34) speaks of our remembrance of Jesus having done the same.”

While this book is convicting, I also find it so encouraging! More than anything I wish to continue to deepen my walk with the Lord. More of Him and less of me.


10 thoughts on “Dealing with Feminine Pride Through Head Covering

  1. Isn’t it ironic that while trying to avoid being in bondage to the headcovering, we continue to be in bondage to hairstyle fads?

    In your previous post on makeup, you talked about your reasons for not wearing it anymore, and how this is connected to an overall transformation that includes modesty and headcovering. I can totally relate to that.

    I have a really hard time wearing a headcovering AND wearing makeup or jewelry. It just doesn’t seem to fit, does it?

    Thanks for this post!


    1. It is ironic, isn’t it? I feel the same way about wearing a head covering with make up and jewelry as of late. The Lord has been so good to open my eyes to this. At the moment, all I’ve been wearing jewelry-wise is my wedding ring. I’m kind of on a jewelry “fast” you could say as I take some things to the Father.

      Thank you for stopping by, Jessica. It is so nice to connect with like-minded ladies!

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  2. Love these quotes! Thank you for sharing! It is so true – we Christians often complain of not wanting to be “in bondage” (or “under legalism”) regarding headcovering, but we have no problem being in bondage to modern hairstyle fashions. Wonderful thoughts.

    I wanted to let you know that I saw your article in “Above Rubies” – great job!! So neat! 🙂



  3. Interesting post. I do not remember reading Isaiah 47:2 before but it is saying what a ‘woman of the world’ would do, i.e. uncover her head and bare her legs. This has me thinking!


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