Our Husbands are Providers

Y’all, the Lord has been so good to me. It took some time getting through my thick head when it came to gender roles. Sure, women have the ability to leave their home each day and go to work. But should they? What is God’s perfect plan for us, and for our husbands? (On a side note, this post is geared towards woman in stable, Christian marriages.)

Marriage is such a lovely picture of God’s love. Our husbands represent Christ, while we ladies represent the “called out ones”. Who does the assembly look to for it’s provision? Why, the Lord of course! We can do nothing without His gracious provision. He provides all that we need to live a victorious life in Him.

Our husbands are to mirror this by being our providers. They are to provide for us a home, food, and other daily necessities. They are to provide for us love…and not just any love. A love that lays down it’s life.

This is a beautiful system that works wonderfully well when we ladies rest in the supporting role the Lord has placed us in. When we lay down our desire to provide substantial financial support for our families, our homes will flourish when we instead turn our attention to our husbands and children.

Oh, how I have fought this. I still do at times. We live in a culture where financial success is equated with life success. If a woman doesn’t earn money, she is considered a fool in today’s time.

But ladies, this isn’t so! By giving up our desire to provide the way our husbands are called to, we are showing our children that they are more important than another pay check. The lives within our homes are invaluable!

Thankfulness, gratitude and contentment are important to meditate on when niggling feelings of inferiority arise. Let’s wash ourselves with the Word. We are daughters of the Most High, and are in no way inferior to our husbands or women who leave their homes each day to head to the office.

Thank you for stopping by today, ladies. Blessings and shalom!
He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord.

Proverbs 18:22

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