Vulnerable Outside of Our Husband’s Leadership

“A woman who insists on being outside her husband’s leadership places herself outside God’s protection. In this vulnerable position, she is subject to the harmful effects of her own inherent weaknesses. Consequently, she is susceptible, not only to the deceptions of Satan, but also to the convincing arguments of all those who would seduce her away from the truth about her womanhood. In addition, she is totally subject to self-delusion created by her own pride and lust.”

-Virginia Fugate

I read this quote today, and it really made me think.

If you were to take a snapshot of my life right now, it would appear that I and my husband have a pretty traditional relationship. I believe he is the head of the household, and I try to follow his leadership.

It hasn’t always been this way.

When we met, I was a young widow with three small children. My first marriage had been terrible due to selfishness on both of our parts.

I believed women could do and be anything. Looking back, it’s hard to see what my current husband saw in me. I’m forever grateful for the grace of God for bringing us together. I was a broken young women at the time.

My husband is generally an easy going guy, but sometimes we clashed. Usually over things like my awful television choices and my decision to put my daughters in a competition dance program where they wore skimpy costumes and gaudy make up.

Again, I’m so thankful for God’s grace! My life looks completely different now.

Looking back, I see how I took myself and my daughters completely out from under the God-given protection of my husband. In doing so, sin reigned.

I was living in rebellion.

I had let pride take root inside of me, and I never would have admitted or thought of myself as the “weaker vessel.” But as a woman, that’s who I was and am.

And it was not Adam who was deceived, but the woman being deceived, fell into transgression.

1 Timothy 2:14

Ladies, we are more easily deceived than men. I believe that we were created to be more nurturing than men, which sometimes causes us to think emotionally and make bad decisions. Could it be that the deceiver purposefully spoke to Eve, while bypassing Adam?

But when we joyfully submit to the authority of a godly husband, all of this changes.

I wish I could say joyful submission came easily to me, but it didn’t. It took years for me to fully submit to my husband and to God.

I had to unlearn many false feminist teachings. Again, it is only by God’s grace that I am in a Biblical marriage today.

Am I perfect? Absolutely not. But I do my best, with the Lord’s help, to walk in His intended role for me.

Sisters, God’s will is for us to walk in our roles, and for us to not be vulnerable outside of our husband’s leadership. Our husband’s leadership is a gift which has been given to us. When we look at it as such, our marriages will begin to flourish.

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