I Shall Live On

I shall live on in the lives of my children,

Whether for good or ill,

Long, long after my voice that is speaking

Today, is still.

I shall speak on through the generations

That follow me. Word by word,

As I gather my children close about me,

My voice shall be heard.

On and on through the vast forever-

Whatever words I say

Will live in the lives that come after

My brief day.

I fall on my knees- I pray for guidance;

For wisdom in my choice

Of words today- O Lord, speak through me,

And be my voice!

-Grace Noll Crowell

Ladies, I hope this poem impacts you as it has me. It brings me hope and encouragement that my work at home is lasting work. At the same time, we must always keep in mind that our words and actions matter.

I have made so many mistakes through the years. So, so many. It is easy to let rash words slip in the heat of the moment. But we must remember that our children will remember our words, and our words today will shape future generations. Each day with our children is a gift.

I like how the poet requests the Lord to be her voice at the end of the poem. This is our only hope! He makes all things new, and He alone can shape and mold us into His image.

Be encouraged today, sisters. I hope everyone has a lovely weekend with your families. May God bless you.

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4 thoughts on “I Shall Live On

  1. Sunshine says:

    This really hit me.
    It is so true!

    Such good reminders to say what’s counts and make priorities priority.

    Thank you.

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