Our Ninth Child’s Birth Story

I’m so happy to announce that our newest addition, Moses Benjamin, has arrived. I had just finished writing this post and scheduled it for the morning when I went into labor about two hours later.

I had gone to bed as usual, and then was awakened at around 11:45 when my water broke. I was not contracting. This has happened to me during several other pregnancies, and was what I was praying for. It is a luxury to make it to the hospital without any pain!

Once we arrived, I was taken straight to a room, avoiding triage. They took a woman who was 39.5 weeks along and having her ninth child seriously, ha! My IV was put in and my epidural was placed. This was my best epidural experience ever. I’ve gone the completely natural route before and I much prefer having an epidural!

Since I was group B strep positive, I needed to have two doses of penicillin administered. The hospital staff didn’t want to administer pitocin to jump start my labor until these doses were in my system. In the meantime, it was quite an interesting night.

My blood pressure was especially low, so I needed meds to raise it up. At one point I felt Moses move and come off of the monitor. When a nurse couldn’t find his heartbeat right away, my room bursted with activity. I was given oxygen and was flipped and flopped in case he was compressing the cord. They quickly placed an internal monitor and his heartbeat was found.

When I was checked around 6:30 I was ready to push, without pitocin intervention. However, the doctor on call was nowhere to be found and it was over an hour later before she arrived. I was not impressed, because the pressure was real.

Once the doctor arrived, my husband was able to put on scrubs and deliver our baby. This was my most difficult pushing experience yet. He was facing sunny side up, and had a large head. I was finally able to push him out, praise God. My entire body was so sore the next day.

Moses Benjamin was born on November 7, 2019 at 8:05 am. He weighed 8 lbs. 1 oz., and was 20.25 inches long.

The Lord has been so incredibly gracious and merciful. So far, this has been my easiest recovery yet, and I’m nearly 40 years old. I am so grateful to Him!

Posts will likely be less frequent for awhile as I continue through my postpartum period. Moses cuddles are definitely my priority at the moment. He loves to eat, and nursing takes up a lot of my time. He is worth every minute of it!

Babies are such a gift from God. I’m amazed by His goodness each time we have a new addition.


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