Rethinking Our Mortgage Plans

After having our ninth child, our house has seemed to have grown smaller. Baby gear fills an entire corner of our living room, and our bedroom is filled with newborn clothing and accessories.

Despite being on a mission to pay off our house, I started looking at properties for sale on my phone last week. I was feeling discontent, despite knowing that the Lord has supplied all of our needs in Christ Jesus. I couldn’t seem to get past the mess in front of me, and our smallish living room and kitchen were getting on my last nerve.

After fretting for awhile, I decided to talk to my husband. Ladies, our husbands are often here to help us see things more clearly. This conversation didn’t disappoint, and I walked away feeling refreshed, and had a clear focus on our goals once more.

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We talked through options while looking at We feel like God is calling us to pay off our house, but I also miss having more space for our growing family. In the end, we decided that yes, we are going to pay off this mortgage unless the Lord clearly opens another door. What does a paid off mortgage give us? Options. Many options in regards to job opportunities and giving.

Our children are getting older, and I would love to help them when they spread their wings. This would be much harder to do if we still are paying off our current mortgage.

So yet again, I’ve decided to do my best to be content and grateful for what I have. The Lord has been so good to us. Who am I to complain?

We have around $27,000 left to go before our home is paid off! Thinking about it that way is exciting and motivating, cluttered home and all.

And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.

Philippians 4:19


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