Finding Abundance in Simplicity

We paid off our house last month. I can still hardly believe it. Three years of focused intensity, downgrading, and downsizing have paid off. All glory to God.

Before we paid off our mortgage, I wondered what it would feel like. During the past three years, I’ve embraced a life of simplicity. But would I still crave simple things when we had more disposable income? I really wasn’t sure.

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I’m really happy to say that I believe my current relatively simple habits are here to stay. Since paying off our debt, my desires have remained the same. The only thing I really hope for is a larger piece of land one day, Lord willing.

How can this be? I think it all boils down to mindset and attitude. A few years ago, I made a conscience effort to find abundance in simplicity. And when I say I made a conscience effort, I mean I made a conscience effort. At the time, I was stuck in the cycle of consumerism. I had to completely change my mindset to find joy in a life free from buying unnecessary things. It is sad, but true. I really feel like the Lord has delivered me from the “keeping up with the Jones'” curse.

To begin, I started looking at the God-given blessings in my life with fresh eyes. My family is priceless, and really, if I had them, did I need anything else? The answer was no.

Secondly, I decided to slow down and look at the world around me with fresh eyes. My home is full of amazing books, warm blankets, and food. I can step outside and breathe fresh air, and plant beautiful things in my garden. What a blessed life I live!

When we begin to look at simple things with wonder, our lives begin to change. The simple things in life bring a sense of abundance to my heart when I start to truly appreciate them. I can see, I can walk, and the Lord woke me up today. All of these things are miracles that we so often overlook.

I would like to encourage you to contemplate the simple things in your life today. Find the beauty in them. When I did this, I realized how abundant my life truly is.

I would love to share a YouTube channel that has really encouraged me lately called 1000s of Roots. This family of 9 is living an abundant life while focusing on the blessings around them. The mother, Carrie, is a huge inspiration to me.

Blessings, ladies!

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