Enjoy Your Children

Good morning, ladies! I’m curled up in bed with our newest little guy. He’s still not letting me get much sleep, but boy, am I enjoying him. His sweet little sounds and hand on my arm are precious.

At the same time, steps are sounding over my head. My oldest is getting ready for her job, and she’ll be leaving soon. Her heart is bursting with hopes and dreams that don’t include her father or I. At twenty, she most likely will be flying the coop soon.

Oh ladies, if I would have only known twenty years ago what I know now. If I would have known just how quickly time would pass. As the saying goes, the days are long, but the years are short.

I didn’t enjoy the early stages of my oldest children like I do my younger ones. I’m older now. Wiser. I now get how fast time goes. I now understand the pain that accompanies a child whose grown, and whose choice plans rarely include you.

So squeeze your babies and little ones. Enjoy each moment. Pray for them. Love them. Involve yourself in their interests. Take steps to spend more time with them. Encourage them in the Lord.

The one thing that helps me so much on my parenting path is relying on God’s sovereignty. He has a plan for my family, and for your family, too. We can trust Him as our children grow, even when it hurts.

And when your children are young, enjoy them. Like really enjoy them. Time slips by so fast.

I hope your weekend is blessed, ladies!

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