Life is an Adventure

Good morning, ladies! This morning I’m reflecting on life, and how we are called to live courageously for Christ. Life is an adventure. It is one big adventure for mamas, that’s for sure.

Raising and teaching our little ones is a huge undertaking, that really, is one of our most important life’s work. It isn’t mundane and boring. It is life giving, to both us and our children.

We don’t need to go far to participate in this adventure. It happens within the walls of our own home, or close by at least.

My life has been one big adventure lately. Today we are going back to our new home to paint, and then paint some more. We are taking small loads of stuff with us on each trip, too. Although we have a very long way to go, I see things beginning to take shape. It is actually kind of fun to redo a house like this with my family.

During this adventure, I can see the future of our family unfolding. But things like reading together, and playing together have just the same importance. Investing time into our families is where it’s at!

We won’t ever regret spending time with our children. It is so much fun to reminisce with them about our adventures, big and small. It is amazing how the smallest things that I barely remember have had an impact on their lives.

Soak it in. Take pictures. Live courageously in the calling the Lord has given you.

Have a lovely day, ladies! Let’s go and create a new adventure with our children.

5 thoughts on “Life is an Adventure

  1. Victoriya says:

    Very interesting to hear about your home updates. How ecxiting! Am truly wishing all the best for your family and a blessed and successful reno and move. We ourselves would love such a property, so are just looking and waiting patiently for now. (Not many options here where we live close to big cities) You are right about family activities. I have toddler boys and they just love remnicising and remembering activities and events we did together. It is so sweet:)

  2. Cathy Gray says:

    Hello, I’m new to your blog and channel. I’m really enjoying your posts and videos. Hope you make some more videos I so enjoyed what I have watched so far. Hugs and God bless.

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