We are Being Called to Repentance

Oh, how I wish I wrote on this blog more often. Funny story. Last year, I did most of my writing on my phone while in bed. I’m super busy most days. Perhaps some of you moms can relate, ha! Anyhow, since Moses has been born, he likes to sleep in the crook of my arm. This makes it dreadfully hard to type. But right now he is sleeping independently. Let’s see how long this lasts.

It is the Feast of Trumpets, ladies. I’m so excited that the fall feast season is here! After purchasing noise makers and a confetti popper at Walmart last night, my younger children did their annual “Jericho March” around our home, making tons of noise by flashlight while scurrying around our house seven times. While tons of fun, I don’t think the neighborhood owls were impressed.

I wrote a bit more about how our family celebrates this Feast Day here.

This Feast Day reminds me that the day is drawing near for our Savior to return. Our King is coming! Are we ready for Him?

The Feast of Trumpets coupled with the pandemic makes me realize just how important it is for us to prepare our heart and mind for Him. Are we following Him? Like, truly following Him? Have we cast off the sin that easily entangles us? Are we repentant of wrongdoings when they become known to us?

Ladies, I am far from perfect. I fail often, and am so thankful for the blood of my Messiah which covers my sins. I’m so thankful for the Father’s love and mercy. He loves you so much. He wants a close relationship, a covenant, with you.

But to enter this close covenant, we must repent. Sometimes I wonder why it is so easy for us to follow the ways of the world, even when we are God’s children. We are often like sheep, not too smart, following whatever is put before our eyes. But our good Shepherd is calling us, beckoning us back to Himself.

But what God foretold through the mouth of all His prophets—that His Messiah was to suffer—so He has fulfilled. Repent, therefore, and return—so your sins might be blotted out,
Acts 3:18‭-‬19

I would like to encourage you to immerse yourself in His Word, and be in deep prayer during this fall. As a busy mom, I don’t always have the time to do this just as I’d like. Thankfully, He will meet us where we are. Come to Him with a humble heart and He will meet you there.

We must forsake the ways of this world. It is so easy to go with the flow, and dabble in worldly things. But instead, shouldn’t we be following the ways of God with our whole hearts? Right now our nation is ravaged by a pandemic, wildfires, and hurricanes. His repentance call is upon us. This trumpet call of a Feast day is pointing towards the Day of Atonement, which is coming soon!

We will be talking about repentance with our children today, along with giving gifts to explain God’s mercy, love, and grace. If you celebrate the Feast of Trumpets, I hope that your family has a lovely time celebrating. If not, I pray that your day is equally as lovely and blessed.

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