Embrace Your Home

I’ve been thinking a lot about home lately. Yes, we are knee deep in home renovation projects, but my thoughts run deeper than that. As much as I like to talk about contentment, sometimes I’m just not. Contentment is a choice. Whether I’m living in a tent or in a mansion, God’s call on my life is to be content.

Part of being content is to embrace the home I’m in. I should love on it, and make it a place of peace for my family.

While I loved so many things about living in our cozy cabin, it just wasn’t peaceful there. We now have our privacy back, but the house leaves much to be desired.

And yet, I feel like the Lord is asking me to embrace it. All of it.

The mess. The work. Dirty things. Broken things.

Just like He can take a broken life and make it whole, maybe, just maybe, we can make something beautiful out of our home.

I’m envisioning an orchard, gardens, a barn, and animals. I’m envisioning a house without mismatched siding, broken doors, and holes in the roof.

Ladies, this is going to equate to a lot of time. But, I know I need to embrace it now. Little by little, my prayer is that this place will transform!

I hope you will strive to embrace your home, too. The Father’s will for you is good, and He will meet you where you are as you make your home a haven.

We have such a high calling, ladies. Wherever we may be, our homes can be a peaceful and happy place because of us. How exciting is that? Of course, this doesn’t come from our own strength, but from the Lord. He is for you and your family, and not against you. He desires to help us.

I will lift up my eyes to the hills— From whence comes my help? My help comes from the Lord , Who made heaven and earth.
Psalms 121:1‭-‬2

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