What’s a Mom to do During a Pandemic?

As a mom, I usually thought I was pretty prepared for what the world threw at me. But I never expected a pandemic!

We are about 7+ months in now, and I feel like I’m bombarded with new questions every day.

Should I sign my kids up for violin or not?

What to do about birthday dinners?

Should we attend get-togethers?

Should I require my kids to wear masks when with friends?

Ahh, I’m totally fighting information overload right now. There is a balance I’m trying to walk between caution and letting my children enjoy their childhood.

I think so many moms are in my same shoes. We just want what’s best for our children!

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Our choices will look different, and that’s okay.  We are slowly starting to join society again, with caution. (That sounded so funny, didn’t it? I never in a million years thought that I’d be wondering when we could integrate into society!)

We took our oldest son to a restaurant for his birthday, sans drive through, for the first time a month ago. Yesterday, my husband and I ate together alone in a restaurant for the first time. And it was glorious!

On the other hand, we opted for only our high schoolers to take violin lessons this semester. Our younger guys brought germs home from their class last year, and I don’t want to risk that right now.

We are enjoying the outdoors as much as we can, and we even visited an apple orchard two weeks ago. Social distancing and hand sanitizer are our friends, ha!

Our kids also enjoy wrangling chickens and digging in the garden, so hopefully their immune system is doing just fine.

We are all in the same boat ladies, and just want what’s best for our families. It is good and right to put all judgement aside, and instead, cling to encouragement.

Encouragement is good for the soul, and it’s contagious. This virus has in some ways turned political, and I think it would be a blessing to others if we look past our differences and simply offer God’s love.

He is in control, and He holds you in His hands. He watches over your coming and going. Be encouraged!

Blessings to you and your family.

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