Our Journey towards a Simpler Life || Part 3

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The day dawned early. I crawled out of bed at my mother in law’s home, my pregnant body still sore from the long ride to Georgia the day before. But goodness, was I ever hopeful. We were going to spend two days with a realtor, looking for our new home.

The plan was to look in two different areas, with two different budgets. Our hope was to find a “forever” type home with acreage and space for our family of 11 within our budget of $275,000. Our second choice, if we couldn’t find a suitable home, would be to purchase a cabin in the neighboring vacation community to live in for a short while which would eventually make a good rental. Our cabin budget was $225,000. If we went with a cabin, our plan was to live there until our South Carolina home sold. At that point, we would start looking for a “forever” home again and convert the cabin into a rental.

After two long days and many tears (I was an emotional pregnant lady!), we made an offer on the very first home we looked at. It was a 1900 square foot cabin on 1.5 acres. It was adorable, and after looking at so many houses the choice seemed clear. We saw some lovely homes in our higher price point, but they all came with small neighborhood lots. We wished that we had time to look at more homes, but our timeline was very tight.

We settled on a $200,000 purchase price with the seller. We were told that it should rent for $140 per night, and to expect occupancy 190 days per year. Sounded good to us! It had a steep lot, which was something I definitely was not looking for. But I thought, we’ll only be here until our other home sells…then we’ll buy a property more suitable for our kids and gardening. Well, the joke was on us because once our home in South Carolina sold, we felt very strongly that we should just pay off the cabin instead of looking for another home. But more on that later.

After we packed all of our things, and sold our beloved travel trailer, we were off! I was thankful to be living in a place that seemed safer and more secure, and I promised the kiddos that we would do several “fun” activities once we were settled.

The funny thing was, I didn’t really enjoy the movie theater, or the nearby attractions. I kinda missed living in a more secluded environment. There was really nothing I’d rather do than sit at our cozy cabin.

And when our South Carolina home sold, we thought, you know, we’ve been making this work…how about we stay here for a couple of years and get out of debt totally? Like, no mortgage?

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And so that’s what we did. We became mortgage free! But I still missed the simplicity of our life before. We had very little room to garden, and large farm animals were out of the question. Things still didn’t feel just right.

I wondered if it was God’s call on our family to be wanderers, like Abraham. This is not what I wanted! I wanted to be settled! But I was determined to trust God, and see what was in store.

To be continued…
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